Never Late, Never Away Chapter 330

“No worries, I’ve just arrived. Nice to meet you, I’m Vivian William.”

“Glad to meet you too, Ms. William. I’m very honored to be interviewed by you. Do call me Elaine.”

“It’s more of my honor to be able to talk to you, Elaine.”

Following the courteous exchange, the pair settled down. Vivian quickly got down to work by fishing out her notepad of questions and began the interview.

It was a short question-and-answer kind of interview. The questions ranged from asking about her recent achievements, her ideal type, and how satisfied she was with her life currently.

Elaine answered every question thoughtfully without a hint of impatience, unlike some other celebrities Vivian had interviewed before. This made Vivian even more certain that Elaine was the definition of perfection.

When the questioning ended, Vivian took out her camera, intending to snap some shots. It was a common practice.

But Elaine refused. “Sorry, I have to decline.”

“Why?” Vivian was perplexed, though she still kept her camera away out of respect and professionalism.

“Now is not the time yet,” came her cryptic reply. Her tone sounded different when she said that. The smile plastered on her face seemed less genuine than before too.

Vivian immediately felt a sense of foreboding, as if something was going to go terribly wrong and rob her of her happiness soon.

But she was unable to read between the lines to figure out what the lady was implying. Or perhaps, she subconsciously refused to read deeper into her response, fearing that the truth might break her.

“Why did you specify me as your interviewer?” Vivian finally could not contain her curiosity any longer.

Elaine smiled at the inquiry as if she long expected her to ask.

With tell-tale honesty, she replied, “I’m interested in the president of the Finnor Group, and heard that you’re his wife.” Her polite smile never left her face.

“Ah. I see.”

Vivian twitched slightly at her answer. Interested in Finnick? What does she mean? A love rival? Vivian shuddered at the thought. If so, there’s no way I can compare to her.

But she quickly caught herself and her spiraling thoughts. What are you thinking? Finnick loves you. Don’t ever doubt that.

Vivian took a quick breath and recollected her thoughts. Maybe she just admires Finnick for his charm and capabilities, that’s all.

Before Vivian could continue, Elaine asked, “Are you guys doing fine? How’s the marriage?”

“We’re doing well. Finnick is very nice to me. I love him, and he returns the affection without qualms.” For a moment, Vivian felt like she was a teenager talking about her first boyfriend.

“I see. I’ve heard of the V.M Fund set up by the Finnor Group. He must really love you.”

Vivian noticed a lace of sadness when she said that. “Elaine, I believe you have someone who loves you as much. You’re so lovely after all.”

Elaine looked up and noticed Vivian with a smile that was meant to be comforting. But unbeknownst to the lady, all Elaine could feel was a sense of irritation. Nevertheless, she did not let it show. “Actually, I do have someone like that. I love him a lot, and he’s very nice to me.”

“Who is it?” asked Vivian almost instantly out of immense curiosity. This was news to her.

“All I can reveal to you is that we’re temporarily not together for now. But I’m certain that I still have a place in his heart. I would like to believe that I’m irreplaceable and that I would always be his true love. Do I sound really inane saying this, Ms. William?” Elaine responded with a smile that did not reach her eyes.

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