Never Late, Never Away Chapter 331

Vivian sensed her reluctance to elaborate further. Nevertheless, she offered her reassurance. “You’re an amazing lady. I believe that your partner still loves you deeply.”

“I hope so. You’re so lucky, Ms. William. I believe many other ladies, myself included, are really envious of what you have.”

Vivian chuckled at her seemingly playful tease. “Everyone will meet their Mr. Right one day. Trust the workings of fate.”

Elaine sighed, “Everyone may be able to meet their Mr. Right one day, but not everyone can go on to have a blissful relationship afterward. Unlike you, Ms. William.”

“But I believe that what’s yours will be yours. Everyone will get their deserved happiness eventually.”

Vivian smiled amusedly at the statement. “I sure hope so.”

When the interview officially ended that day, Elaine gifted Vivian an exquisite bottle of perfume as a note of thanks. It had no label on it, but Vivian could tell that it was likely very expensive.

There was no way she could take such a costly gift.

“It’s too much, Elaine! I can’t accept it.”

The designer patted her shoulder. “Treat it as me showing affection for a newfound friend. Unless you don’t want to be acquainted with me?”

“Of course I do!” Then, after some hesitation, she continued, “If that’s the case, I’ll take the gift. Thank you very much for your generosity.”

“It’s more like I’m glad that you’re willing to be my friend,” replied Elaine.

“No, it’s my pleasure instead.”

Elaine laughed. “Alright, this conversation would never end if we continue like this. By the way, do you mind if we exchange numbers?”

“Of course! And please call me Vivian.”

And thus, Vivian headed home that day with a new number saved in her phone.

When she was home, she took out the bottle of perfume and looked at it more closely, but there was nothing more she understood about it besides the fact that it probably cost a kidney.

Though, after tentatively spraying it on herself, she immediately fell in love with the alluring yet mild scent. Truly the infallible taste of a talented designer.

In the evening, Finnick returned home to a busy Vivian working in the kitchen, trying to cook up a big feast.

“Welcome back,” she greeted from the kitchen as she prepared the last dish on the menu.

Finnick admired the apron-clad lady from afar as a surge of happiness warmed him from within. To return home to someone who would be there for you, to take care of you, was a luxury that Finnick cherished greatly.

Spurred by his sudden joy, he strode into the kitchen, wrapped his arms around Vivian’s waist, and buried his head into the crook of her neck like a child.

But all of sudden, Finnick jolted and pushed the lady away.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Vivian was bewildered by the response.

“Why do you smell like that?”

Vivian frowned apprehensively. “Like what? I simply wore some perfume.”

Finnick asked in an even more serious tone, “Why the sudden perfume? I thought you didn’t indulge in such things?”

“The perfume is a gift from an interviewee today. I thought it seemed pretty nice, so I tried it on. What’s wrong?”

Finnick asked another question instead, “What brand is the perfume?”

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