Never Late, Never Away Chapter 332

“I don’t know… I’m not an expert on this,” Vivian said, cocking her head to the side and glancing at Finnick with a pout.

“Alright,” Finnick began, forcing himself to stay calm for Vivian’s sake. “I don’t really like this smell. Can you wash it off?”

Vivian could tell that something was off with him, but she decided not to point it out.

When she disappeared into the bathroom, Finnick raised a hand to pinch his brows together before looking into the distance with a sigh.

Meanwhile, Vivian freshened herself up with a shower and stepped out to look at herself in the mirror. The sight of Finnick pushing her away replayed in her mind, and she was beyond disappointed.

What’s up with him today? He’s never been so cold towards me…

Is there something wrong with the perfume that Elaine gave me? Why is he reacting like that?

She took a deep breath to calm herself down as the questions poured into her head like a tsunami. Should I ask him about it? What if he doesn’t want to tell me?

She splashed some cold water onto her face to clear her thoughts. Maybe I shouldn’t… it’ll only sour our relationship. I’ll find out the truth soon enough.

She walked out of the bathroom to put on a set of pajamas and noticed that Finnick was no longer standing in the living room.

“Finnick? Finnick!” she called, only to receive no reply.

Panicking a little, she rushed to the balcony and found him standing there while staring into the distance.

He stood with his back facing Vivian and his hands in his pockets, looking completely lost in his own world.

Vivian’s uneasiness only grew at the sight of him acting like that. Is something bad going to happen?

After a moment of hesitation, she walked up to face him and held his ice-cold hands to warm them up. “What’s wrong? It’s cold out here. You should go in before you catch a cold.”

Finnick blinked in surprise and met her eyes. “It’s fine. I’m just worried about the company.”

Vivian could tell that he was lying. Since when did he ever face any difficulties at work?

“Can you tell me what happened today? You seem… “

“I’m fine, Vivian,” Finnick said, cutting her off. “It’s time for dinner. Let’s see if your cooking skills have gotten any better!”

Vivian grimaced, but she decided not to probe any further.

As the days passed after that, Vivian’s life returned to normal. She was not a celebrity, and most people forgot about her as quickly as the rumors came.

However, she could not help but wonder where Ashley had gone after that encounter with her at the restaurant.

That’s strange… she should have gone to the magazine company to find Fabian and throw a temper tantrum by now! Whatever. Nothing’s better than having a peaceful life.

That afternoon, Vivian noticed a man staring at her as she waited for a cab by the roadside.

The man looked away hurriedly when she noticed him, and shuffled into a nearby coffee shop as quickly as he could.

Vivian raised an eyebrow. I don’t think it was an accident. Is he stalking me?

She shook her head vehemently. No… stop thinking so much, Vivian! You don’t even know him! Why would he follow you out of nowhere? It must have been a coincidence…

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