Never Late, Never Away Chapter 333

Vivian looked away when her cab came and decided not to think of it any further.

The next day, she woke up to Finnick putting on his tie in front of the mirror, already awake and freshened up.

“You’re up early today,” she said with a hint of bewilderment. Usually, Finnick would wake up at the same time as her and take her to work in his car.

He walked over to the bedside and sat down. “I need to go to the office early today for some urgent matters. Can you go to work by yourself?”

“Sure. Go ahead,” she said.

Finnick smiled and planted a light kiss on her forehead. “Sweet dreams,” he said before walking out of the door.

Vivian managed to get another hour of shut-eye before she got up to go to work.

Much to her surprise, a cab was already waiting for her outside the gates when she exited the neighborhood.

Cabs were a rare sight in the high-end neighborhood, and she could not help but smile at how lucky she was.

She raised an arm to signal to the driver that she wanted to get on. “Subway station, please.”

After a while of cruising along the road, Vivian began to notice that something was wrong.

“Sir, this isn’t the way to the subway station…” she said, only to receive no reply from the driver.

She gasped. I’m in danger!

“Sir! Let me out! Stop the car!” she screamed, but the driver ignored her completely.

She tried to pry open the door, but the driver had locked it before they even set off.

“Hey! Let me out!” she screamed, reaching forward and grabbing the steering wheel in a desperate attempt to escape.

However, the driver simply sighed in exasperation and whacked her head with a stick. A white-hot streak of pain coursed through her veins just before she passed out.

Vivian woke up after what seemed like ages to her muscles screaming in pain. The wound on her head seemed to have scabbed over, but it was still immensely painful whenever she moved. Not only that, her hands and feet were bound tightly, making it impossible for her to stand up.

She looked around frantically, trying to make sense of her situation. The place she was in seemed like an abandoned building’s rooftop, which confused her.

Vivian tried to break free of her restraints. I need to escape… something bad might happen to me here if I don’t!

Suddenly, the door to the rooftop opened, and she froze the moment she caught sight of the person who walked in.

“You again? What do you want?” she snapped at the person.

“What do I want? What do you think I want after you ruined my life? I just want revenge! I want you to suffer, my dear sister!”

The person who came in was none other than Ashley, and she was the one who sent the cab to bring Vivian here.

Ashley had turned into a disheveled mess since their last meeting, and Vivian wondered if she had even bothered to shower over the past few days. Her face was a ghastly white, and she had since lost the elegance she used to have.

Vivian blinked to stay calm as she stared into Ashley’s dim eyes. “Let me go. You’ll never hear the end of this from Finnick if you don’t.”

However, Ashley simply threw her head back and burst into laughter the moment she heard her words.

After a while, her laughter died down, and she lowered her head to glare at Vivian. “Tell him to come at me, Vivian! I’m not scared of him! You’re the one who ruined my life and took everything away from me! If not for you, Mom would still be safe at home, Dad’s company wouldn’t have gone bankrupt, and I would still be the renowned young mistress of the Miller family! Fabian would still love me!”

“That’s irrelevant. I’ve already broken up with Fabian,” Vivian blurted instinctively.

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