Never Late, Never Away Chapter 334

“It’s not! It’s your fault Fabian is so head-over-heels in love with you! Why else would he abandon me?” Ashley screamed. “Everyone I love is gone! What’s the point of living anymore?”

With that, she stumbled onto the railing, much to Vivian’s horror. “What are you doing? Stop that right now!” she shouted.

Ashley had been immensely mean to her over the years, but they were half-sisters after all. The last thing Vivian wanted was to watch her sister fall to her death.

Ashley stopped for a moment upon hearing Vivian’s voice, and she turned around to glare at her with much hatred in her eyes. “Oh, how could I have forgotten about you? You’re the reason for all my suffering! I’m dragging you down to hell too!”

With that, Ashley strode over like a predator, and Vivian began to struggle against her restraints to no avail.

In the end, Ashley scooped up Vivian in her arms and walked back to the railings. “We’re going down together, Vivian!” she shrieked maniacally.

Her voice attracted the attention of passers-by on the streets below. A man looked up and pointed them out to his friend. “Hey! What are those two people doing up there?”

“Huh? Why would there be people on the roof?” his friend scoffed before he looked up and gasped. “Wait… what are they doing there? Could they be… “

“Call the police!” the man shouted as he whipped out his phone. “Hello, is this the police? Someone’s about to jump off a building here. Please hurry!”

As he barked into the phone, more people began to gather under the building where Ashley and Vivian were at.

“They look pretty young. What happened to them? Young people nowadays are so weak-minded… “

“Wait… the girl on the left looks like she’s dragging the other girl along!”

“What? Is she trying to murder her? Where’s the police?”

“She looks pretty familiar.”

Suddenly, a girl in the crowd screamed in shock. “Isn’t that Vivian William, the wife of Finnick Norton? Is it really her?”

The crowd gasped in unison.

“Finnick Norton? The one from Finnor Group? That’s his wife?”

“It sure does look like her… “

“Someone contact the news station! This is urgent!”

Within minutes, journalists and cameramen from various news stations have arrived at the scene and were pushing and shoving to get to the front of the crowd.

Netizens were shocked by the news as well, and people began to speculate Ashely’s motive behind Vivian’s kidnapping. Some said that she was Finnick’s mistress who wanted to overthrow Vivian, while others insisted that she just wanted to extort money from Finnick.

Meanwhile, Noah rushed into Finnick’s office looking panicked. “Mr. Norton! Mrs. Norton is in danger!”

“What?” Finnick yelled. He stood up abruptly from his chair, making the documents in his lap spill onto the floor.

He brisk walked to Noah’s side and grabbed his shoulders. “What happened to Vivian? Tell me now!”

“Mrs. Norton was kidnapped by Ashley Miller this morning, and she’s threatening to jump off a building with her,” Noah reported.

Finnick was already walking out of the door before he could finish his sentence, and Noah had to grab his hand to stop him before he could walk out without his wheelchair. “Mr. Norton! You mustn’t let anyone find out that your legs aren’t injured!”

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