Never Late, Never Away Chapter 335

“Whatever,” Finnick spat as he broke free of Noah’s grasp.

“Mr. Norton!” Noah yelled after him, but Finnick was already entering the lift. He could only sigh and chase after him with the wheelchair in tow.

Finnick clenched his fists tightly. Ashley… how dare you hurt her! You’re going to pay for this!

Meanwhile, the police have arrived at the scene.

“Listen to me, girl. Can you come here? It’s dangerous over there,” a policewoman said tactfully. “Think about your family. They would want you to be home safe, wouldn’t they? Be a good girl and come here.”

However, her calming words seemed to have the opposite effect on Ashley. “My family? What family? I’m the only one left! No one cares about me anymore!”

She gripped Vivian’s waist tightly and started to drag her over to the railing. “You’re the one who took everything away from me! You’re going down with me!”

“H-Hey! I’ve never taken anything from you before,” Vivian protested weakly. “Dad and your mother loved you, and you’ve got all the pretty clothes and toys that I don’t. I’m jealous of you, don’t you know that? Anyway, I can ask Finnick to help you and Miller Group rise from the ashes again. You can get everything back!”

She peered over the railing at the hundred-meter drop to the ground and shivered violently. Even so, she tried her best to calm Ashley down so that neither of them would end up falling to their deaths.

“That’s right. I had everything that you didn’t, but what about now?” Ashley yelled. “You’ve become the wife of Finnor Group’s president, while I’ve lost everything! How could you?”

With that, she shoved Vivian onto the railing, leaving half her body dangling from the side of the roof dangerously. Screams could be heard from down below as Vivian tried her best to keep her balance.

That was the first thing Finnick witnessed when he rushed onto the roof, and he could feel his heart clench in fear. Noah followed him closely while lugging the wheelchair along, and he finally managed to grab Finnick just before he could emerge from the stairwell.

“Mr. Norton! You can’t let others see you like this! Think about how far you’ve come!” Noah said desperately.

Finnick hesitated before he relented and sat down on the wheelchair.

As Noah wheeled him onto the roof, Finnick gasped in shock at just how perilous Vivian’s situation was.

Her entire upper body was hanging off the railing, and she was holding on to a metal ring protruding from it for dear life.

However, it was rather obvious that she could not hang on for much longer.

Finnick could feel his throat tighten and face paling from fear.

He had never been so scared for someone else’s life before, and he could not fathom how he was going to live without Vivian around.

It reminded him how desperate he had been when he could not find Evelyn in the fire a decade ago, but the fear in his heart as he watched Vivian grapple for her life was much, much stronger.

I can’t lose her! I can’t let her leave me like this!

He pushed himself forward and yelled at Ashley, “Calm down! I’ll do anything for you as long as you let her go!”

Ashley whirled around upon hearing his voice. “You! I hate you! You took everything away from me!” she shrieked.

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