Never Late, Never Away Chapter 337

“What’s so good about her? She’s not worthy of you, for goodness’ sake!” Ashley yelled as she inched towards the railing. “Alright then, I’ll drag her down to hell with me!”

“Stop!” Finnick yelled in horror as Vivian’s fingers began to slip off the metal ring she was holding on to. Why didn’t you settle this once and for all, Fabian? Why must you leave her behind like this?

He turned to Ashley and said, “Take me hostage and let her go.”

Everyone turned to stare at him in shock.

“Mr. Norton! You can’t do that!” Noah yelled as his heart raced.

He was worried for Vivian, but the last thing he wanted was for something bad to happen to Finnick too. What if something happened to him? He can’t just sacrifice himself for Mrs. Norton’s sake!

Finnick glanced at Noah as a signal to stop talking.

“What? You’re willing to take Vivian’s place?” Ashley said in mild confusion. She stopped trying to push Vivian over the railing to stare at Finnick.

“Yes, that’s right. I’m the president of Finnor Group and the second son of the Norton family. I’m worth much more than Vivian. You can ask for anything from Finnor Group and the Norton family if you take me hostage. Trust me!” he pleaded. “Besides, didn’t I say that everything that happened to you had nothing to do with Vivian? Didn’t you say that I was the one who ruined your life?”

As Finnick spoke, he slowly wheeled himself over to the two women. “You can ask for anything you want once you take me hostage. You can even throw me off this building if you want to take revenge. See my legs? I won’t be able to fight back even if I wanted to.”

Ashley stood rooted to the ground in shock and failed to notice how Finnick was just a couple of steps away from them.

As for Vivian, she was equally bewildered by Finnick’s words.

The last thing she had expected to see was Finnick panicking for her sake and putting her life above his own.

What did I ever do to deserve him?

“Do you love her so much that you’re willing to sacrifice yourself for her?” Ashley muttered before she threw her head back and let out a laugh. “Why do all of you love her? She’s just a mere bastard!”

She reached out and pinched Vivian’s neck between her fingers. “Are you trying to save her? Do you really think I’ll let you succeed? She’s dying with me today, and you’ll live in regret for the rest of your sorry lives!”

Ashley looked up to meet Fabian’s eyes, her gaze ablaze with hatred. “All I ever wanted was to become your wife, but what about you? All you think about is Vivian William! I’m going to kill her right now!”

With that, she grabbed Vivian’s arm and pulled her over the edge of the railing.

“No!” Fabian yelled as the police rushed forward to grab them before they could fall.

Unbeknownst to Ashley, Finnick had gotten within grabbing distance when she was too busy being shell-shocked, and he stood up from his wheelchair the moment they toppled backward to pull Vivian back to safety.

By the time Vivian managed to stand up straight, Ashley was already gone from their view.

Finally relieved of Ashley’s iron grip, Vivian began to cough violently in a desperate attempt to breathe.

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