Never Late, Never Away Chapter 34

He was starting to developing feelings for this wife, whom he had married on a whim.

For so many years, he thought that he would never fall in love with anyone again. However, the fated woman appeared just like that.

Fortunately, that woman was his wife.

Unfortunately, she was so obtuse that she had not noticed it yet.

Should I directly tell her my feelings and conquer her, or should I slowly make her fall for me?

Finnick smiled bitterly.

It’s been too long since I’ve liked a woman. Now, I even feel like Vivian is even harder to deal with than those business deals worth billions.

I should just take things slow.

Finnick stared at Vivian with a faint smile playing on his lips. “Think about it that way, then.”

Puzzled over what Finnick meant, Vivian could only nod blankly.

Looking at her dazed look, Finnick’s grin widened as he asked, “Are you free tomorrow? A friend of mine is visiting us for a meal.”

“A friend?” Vivian was stunned.

“Yeah.” Finnick nodded. “What’s wrong? Even if you’re unwilling to meet my family, you can’t possibly refuse to meet my friend too, right?”

Vivian chuckled embarrassedly. “Stop teasing me. I’m free tomorrow.”

The next day, Vivian and Molly spent the entire morning in the kitchen. The guest finally turned up at noon.

“Hey, Finnick! Your house looks much more homely after marrying a wife.”

Before the person appeared, his voice rang out first. His tone was arrogant and proud.

Vivian briskly walked into the living room just to see a man, who was wearing a pink shirt, enter.

He was around the same age as Vivian. Although he was quite handsome, he did not share Finnick’s calm composure. Undoubtedly, he was a flamboyant man.

“Hi, Vivian. My sister-in-law, huh?” When the man spotted Vivian, he quickly headed toward her. He even glared at Finnick, who was sitting in the wheelchair at the side. “Finnick, you rascal. You didn’t even tell me that your wife is so pretty!”

Still looking calm, Finnick ignored him and merely introduced them to each other. “Xavier, this is Vivian William. Vivian, this is Xavier Jackson.”

Xavier Jackson?

Due to her journalism background, she was quite familiar with this name. After thinking for a while, she suddenly recalled. “Oh! Xavier Jackson from the Jackson family?”

There were three major families in Sunshine City.

The most powerful was the Norton family, who ran the largest conglomerate. Next up was the Jackson family who was very influential in the entertainment industry. Lastly, there was the Morrison family, who was starting to go into a decline in these recent years.

Xavier Jackson was the only son and heir of the Jackson family.

“Hello.” Vivian was a little nervous, but she still smiled politely. “I’m Vivian.”

“My pleasure to finally meet you.” Xavier had a pair of charming eyes. Holding Vivian’s hand like a gentleman, he raised it to his lips, preparing to kiss it.

However, Finnick suddenly raised his hand and snatched Vivian’s hand away.

“Don’t touch her,” snapped Finnick expressionlessly.

Stunned, Xavier’s eyes lit up.

Oh my! Is Finnick being jealous right now? This is getting interesting.

Feeling intrigued, Xavier smirked. He clung onto Vivian and whispered mysteriously, “Vivian, Finnick is so thick sometimes. Don’t worry about it. If you’re bored, come and chat with me. I’m a much more interesting person than him.”

Shuddering, Vivian laughed awkwardly. “Xavier, you jest.”

Finnick’s expression was completely dark now. He grabbed Vivian’s hand and walked toward the dining room.

After preparing the dishes, Molly and Liam went out due to family commitments. Only Vivian, Finnick and Xavier were left in the villa.

Crossing one leg over the other, Xavier demanded, “Hey, why aren’t there any alcohol? Finnick, go get some. There are no outsiders here anyway. Why are you still sitting on that stupid wheelchair?”

Vivian was shocked when she heard him. Finnick stood up from the wheelchair, poured a bowl of soup and passed it to her. He said in a nonchalant tone, “Drink this.”

Then, he turned and headed to the cellar.

Only then did Vivian realize how close Xavier was to Finnick. He even told Xavier that he was not actually crippled.

Xavier’s eyes followed Finnick as he left. Only then did he turn around and look at Vivian. The playful smirk on his lips was no longer there.

“Thank you, Vivian.”

Vivian felt uneasy by his sudden formal attitude. “Why are you thanking me?”

“Thank you for marrying Finnick.” Xavier leaned against the chair and grinned. This time, it was a genuine smile. “You’re the second person who knows the truth about Finnick’s legs. This proves that he really trusts you.”

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