Never Late, Never Away Chapter 341

“Why did you fake your disability then, Mr. Norton?” a journalist asked out of curiosity.

“We would like to know why too!”

“Has it got something to do with the fire ten years ago?”

The journalists could tell that there was a reason behind Finnick’s fake disability, and they were dying to know it.

Usually, no journalist would dare to take the initiative to speak during press conferences with Finnor Group, but the journalist who spoke first gave other journalists the courage to speak up as well.

Finnick seemed rather calm despite the onslaught of questions. “Yes, I am indeed healthy, but I have my own reasons for faking my disability. I do not wish to discuss this in public, and I hope you understand.”

The journalists nodded in acceptance, but as experienced reporters and writers, they knew perfectly well what the possible reasons were.

However, they also knew that they did not have the right to get themselves involved in the business of prominent families.

Finnick cleared his throat and continued his speech. “There’s another thing I would like to talk about. Those rumors from two years ago are all baseless, malicious claims. Ashley Miller was the one who made them up to ruin my wife’s reputation, and I’ve submitted the relevant evidence to the police. I’m sure justice will be served soon.”

He chuckled as something popped into his mind. “By the way, we’re doing well as husband and wife. The pregnancy rumors were untrue, but we’ve been trying nonetheless. Thank you for your concern and your presence today.”

With that, he stood up and bowed to the journalists before leaving without another word.

Meanwhile, Vivian was going to combust from the second-hand embarrassment.

“Oh, what did he say? ‘We’ve been trying nonetheless?’” Jenny teased as Vivian buried herself in her sheets.

“Jenny!” Vivian shouted, tossing a pillow at Jenny.

“We’re all adults anyway. What’s there to be embarrassed about?” someone said as the crowd chuckled in unison.

After the press conference, netizens began to flood the Internet with awestruck comments all over again.

Wow, he’s so protective of his wife!

I was going to lose hope in men, but he proved me wrong! Vivian William is so lucky!

I wish I could be his wife!

By the time Finnick returned to Vivian’s hospital room, she had already finished dinner and was getting ready to go to sleep.

Instead of sleeping on the cot beside her bed, Finnick decided to share a bed with her.

Vivian chuckled as she thought about his closing statement during the press conference. “Is Mark going to explode from anger because of what you said? Now everyone thinks he’s getting you into trouble just to get the inheritance. I heard from my colleagues that his company’s stocks plummeted after the press conference!”

“Of course,” Finnick said gently, though his eyes had a sharp glint in them. “Serves him right, though.”

“Do you really hate him that much?” Vivian asked out of curiosity. “He’s your brother, after all.”

“Of course I do. I’ll never forgive him for what he did to me a decade ago and for what he did to you.”

“What?” Vivian exclaimed. “What did he do to you a decade ago?”

Was he responsible for that fire ten years ago?

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