Never Late, Never Away Chapter 343

To Vivian’s surprise, Rachel started to sob before she could even say anything to console her.

“Mom, don’t cry! I’m fine! I’m not hurt! Don’t worry!” she said frantically.

“Stop lying! You almost fell from a building, for goodness’ sake! How are you now?” Rachel asked, still sniffling.

“I’m fine, Mom… “

It took a while, but Rachel finally calmed down enough to talk. “Take care of yourself and don’t get hurt!” she said before hanging up.

Vivian put her phone away and looked up with a start when someone knocked on the door.

She got off the bed and opened the door, only to be shocked by the person standing behind it. Why is she here?

“How are you doing, Vivian?” Elaine asked with a worried expression.

“I’m fine. Why are you here?” Vivian asked, gesturing to the chair beside her bed.

She had not expected Elaine to visit her of all people, since they have only met once at the interview.

“I was so worried for you after reading the news! I’m just glad to see that you’re doing well, that’s all,” Elaine said as he handed Vivian a bouquet of flowers.

“Thank you. It’s beautiful,” Vivian said. However, she could not help but wonder why Elaine picked a bouquet of Blue Enchantresses.

Don’t people usually bring simpler flowers like lilies and daisies when visiting patients in a hospital? Why did she give me Blue Enchantresses?

Vivian shrugged. Maybe it’s just a personal preference?

“Where’s your husband, Vivian? Why are you alone?” Elaine asked.

“He’s busy right now,” Vivian replied with a smile.

“Don’t you know how lucky you are? You have such a handsome and capable husband, so you should take good care of him before someone snatches him away.”

“Huh? No way! We’re on really good terms, and I trust him wholeheartedly,” Vivian said, a little surprised.

“Oh, really?” Elaine asked, and Vivian could tell that there was another side to her words.

“Yeah,” she answered, nodding. “By the way, where did you get your dress from? It’s really pretty.”

She changed the subject to avoid talking about Finnick. After a while more bantering, Elaine stood up to take her leave. “I’ll come back and visit you when I have the time,” she said before walking out of the door.

That night, Finnick caught sight of the Blue Enchantresses on the bedside table when he returned to the hospital room, and his expression turned grim almost immediately.

“What’s wrong?” Vivian asked.

“Nothing. Who gave you those flowers?” Finnick asked.

“Elaine did. Do you remember her? The designer that I interviewed a few days back? She came to see me this morning, and… “

“Throw the flowers away.”


“I don’t like it,” Finnick said before turning around and disappearing into the bathroom.

Vivian stared at him in confusion. Did he just tell me to throw them away? What’s wrong with him? Did something happen back in the office?

“Maybe he won’t be mad if I hid it… “she muttered to herself as she concealed the flowers behind the water dispenser. “It’s such a waste to throw them away!”

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