Never Late, Never Away Chapter 344

After Finnick left for work the next day, yet another unexpected guest appeared in Vivian’s room.

He looked like he had not slept in days, and his clothes and hair were in a mess.

“Here. This is for you,” Fabian said, handing her a bouquet of lilies. He knew how much Vivian loved lilies.

“Thank you,” Vivian said as she set the flower down on the bedside table. “How’s Ashley’s funeral going?”

“We’re preparing for her wake as of now,” Fabian answered.

With her parents out of the picture and no close friends to help out, Fabian had to plan her wake and her funeral all by himself.

“Please give it your all, Fabian,” Vivian pleaded. “I may not like her, but she’s my sister after all. I can’t bear to see her leave this world without a proper funeral… “

She paused and sighed. “She really loved you.”

“I know. I would have done it anyway,” Fabian said. “By the way, Vivian, I’m here to tell you that… “

He hesitated and looked away.

“What’s wrong?” Vivian asked.

“Vivian, I just want to give you and Finnick my blessings,” Fabian said as he met her eyes again with much determination. “I used to think that the two of you chose each other out of necessity, and I used to believe that I was the one for you. However, when I saw how Finnick volunteered to take your place when you got kidnapped, I realized just how much he loved you. I asked myself if I would do the same, but I was too cowardly to say yes.”

He lowered his head shyly. “Vivian, I realized that I’ll never compare to Finnick. He’s the one you deserve, so I wish you all the best.”

With that, he looked into her eyes again and waited for her reply.

“Yeah, you too,” Vivian said quietly.

Finnick almost cried upon hearing those words. Even if Finnick was the one she deserved, she used to love Fabian with all her heart, and Fabian was delighted to hear her well wishes.

“Can I hug you?” Fabian asked before looking away sheepishly. “Actually, never mind… I just… “

Before he could finish his sentence, Vivian leaned forward and gave him a quick hug. “Promise me, Fabian. Take care of yourself and be happy.”

Fabian nodded with a smile. “I’ll take my leave now. I still have plenty of things to settle regarding the wake.”

“Alright, I’ll see you off,” Vivian said as he got up from his seat.

After Fabian left, Vivian returned to her room and got herself a cup of water from the dispenser beside her bed. She glanced at the bouquet of Blue Enchantresses she hid behind the dispenser the previous night, and she could not help but stroke the petals gently.

“Aren’t they beautiful? Why doesn’t he like them?” Vivian muttered to herself as she took out an empty vase and put the flowers in carefully.

Just as she set the vase down on her bedside table, someone knocked on the door.

Since when did I become so popular? Vivian wondered as she opened the door, only to freeze in shock at the sight of her visitor.

Why do I have so many unexpected guests these days?

The person standing outside the door was Benedict Morrison, Evelyn Morrison’s brother.

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