Never Late, Never Away Chapter 346

Vivian’s face flushed scarlet. She felt a little awkward when Samuel said that in front of the doctors.

At the same time, she was doubtful as well. Since she and Finnick were long married, she should’ve gotten pregnant by now.

Actually, she had always wanted to have a baby with Finnick. To her, they would only be complete as a family with a child’s presence. Thus, she readily agreed with Samuel’s suggestion.

Half an hour later, Vivian was done with the check-up with the assistance of three doctors.

One of the doctors told them, “The result will only come out a few days later. Please give us a moment.” He bowed at Samuel before leading the rest of the doctors out of the ward.

Seeing that there were only the two of them left, Vivian spoke up, “Grandpa, I need you to do me a favor.”

“Oh? What is it that you want me to help you with? Just say it, I will do anything for you,” Samuel agreed to her request without any hesitation.

“Thank you, Grandpa. Actually, I wanted to ask you to look into the kidnapping incident that happened ten years ago. I think there must be something we don’t know about it.”

Samuel’s face turned grim. “Why do you say so?” he asked seriously.

“Grandpa, you’re the one who raised Finnick; you know him better than anyone else. Do you think he is someone who would abandon Evelyn, leaving her to die? I don’t believe it. That’s why I hope you can investigate the incident. I don’t want Finnick to live his life with guilt, and I wish to help him to let go of his past.”

Hearing that, Samuel was overwhelmed with mixed feelings. “You’re right. Finnick hasn’t moved on after all these years. Don’t worry, leave it to me. I’ll get to the bottom of it.”

Vivian stayed in the hospital for two more days. After receiving positive check-up results, Samuel finally agreed with her discharging herself from the hospital.

Vivian was bored to death during her stay in the hospital. It was a great pleasure to be outdoors under the sun, breathing fresh air.

She was in such a good mood that everything around her seemed to look livelier. With a light heart, she posted a tweet: Finally, I escaped from the hospital and got a taste of freedom!

It wasn’t long after she posted the tweet when she received a call from Elaine. Why is she calling me?

“Hello, Elaine? What’s up?” she asked.

“It’s nothing, actually. I saw your tweet just now, and I’m thinking of asking you to go shopping. Are you free?” Elaine invited her over the phone.

“Yes. Actually, I’m thinking of going shopping as well. Where do we meet up?” Vivian accepted Elaine’s invitation as that was exactly what she had in mind.

In no time, the two agreed on the meeting time and venue. Soon, they arrived at the largest mall in the city.

“Vivian, do you like this dress?” asked Elaine, showing Vivian a white dress. “I think it suits you a lot.”

Vivian turned to look at the dress Elaine was holding. Its cut was simple and elegant, matched with a vintage cinch belt. Overall, the dress looked fashionable. However, there was a deep-V at the back of the dress. Isn’t this low-back dress a little too revealing?

“I don’t usually wear this type of dress. I think it won’t look good on me.” Vivian had never worn this type of princessy white dress before; she tended to wear a more conservative type of clothing.

“Try it on. I believe you’ll look beautiful in it.” With that, Elaine pushed her toward the fitting room.

Having no choice, Vivian gave in and took the dress from Elaine. “Fine. I’ll try it on.”

When she came out of the fitting room in the dress, Elaine exclaimed in awe, “Vivian, this dress suits you perfectly! It’s like it’s custom-tailored for you. You must buy it, or I won’t let you leave the shop.”

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