Never Late, Never Away Chapter 347

“Really?” Standing in front of the cheval mirror, Vivian felt weird to see herself in the dress. The style of the dress didn’t suit her temperament at all. She felt like a weirdo in it.

“Of course! Don’t forget I’m a professional designer. Don’t you trust my opinion? I’ve picked a few more dresses for you just now. Go and try them on!”

Elaine shoved a few dresses, in which their styles were similar to the one she was wearing, into her arms.

Unwilling to dampen her spirits, Vivian agreed, “A-Alright.”

Elaine’s eyes followed Vivian as the latter entered the fitting room. At that instant, she curled her lips into a mysterious smile while the mirth in her eyes disappeared.

Vivian tried the dresses one by one. Elaine commented that all of them looked nice on her and asked her to purchase them, or she would buy them as gifts for her.

In the end, under Elaine’s persuasion, Vivian bought all the dresses that she tried on earlier.

After that, Elaine led her to the cosmetics store to shop for cosmetics.

She halted Elaine and said, “Elaine, I don’t need that many products. Usually, I only apply light makeup.”

Elaine continued to pull her forward, disregarding her reluctance. “Oh, Vivian, it’s woman’s nature to pursue beauty. How could you not spruce yourself up? “Besides, you’re Finnick’s wife! Do you know how many young and beautiful ladies out there are throwing themselves at your husband? You need to have some sense of awareness!”

Vivian shook her head in amusement. If Finnick only cared about looks, he wouldn’t even marry her in the first place. Nevertheless, she was tempted by Elaine’s words. Every woman would want to look their best for the man they loved; Vivian was no exception.

Under Elaine’s recommendation, she bought many cosmetic products that she wouldn’t even consider buying in the past. Elaine even personally helped apply makeup for her.

Looking at Vivian’s reflection in the mirror, Elaine commented, “Vivian, you’re beautiful. I was right; this makeup really suits you a lot. In the future, you can spruce yourself up like how I taught you today. I guarantee Finnick will be stunned, and he’ll love you even more.”

The sales advisor concurred, “That’s true. Miss, your features are beautiful, and the makeup has further accentuated your beauty.”

After shopping for the whole afternoon, Vivian bade Elaine goodbye and went home with a handful of shopping bags.

Finnick hadn’t gotten off work when she arrived home. In the bedroom, she thought for a while and decided to put on the white dress.

The belt was loosely tied around her waist, highlighting her slim waistline. One could catch a glimpse or two of her back through her hair that cascaded down around her shoulder. She looked innocent yet sexy. The exquisite makeup that Elaine helped apply on her face matched perfectly with the dress.

The woman in the mirror looked so different from her usual self. Yet, Vivian must admit that she looked gorgeous.

She couldn’t help taking another glance at herself in the mirror, her face flushed. Letting out a deep breath, she went downstairs in cheerful steps.

As the clock pointed at half-past six, Vivian was growing anxious. Finnick usually comes home before six. Why is he not back yet?

Just as she was about to give him a call, she heard the sound of the door unlocking.

“You’re back! Why are you so late today?” she asked.

Finnick, who was changing into slippers, let out a chuckle. “There’s a last-minute meeting today. Why? Did you miss me?” he teased.

She retorted smilingly, “You wish!” Then, she approached the man to take his suit from him.

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