Never Late, Never Away Chapter 348

As Finnick looked up, he was dazed upon seeing her look. His smile disappeared as he pursed his lips, his eyes full of disbelief.

“What’s wrong?” Vivian was confused by his reaction.

Finnick soon came back to his senses. He asked faintly, “You’ve bought new clothes today?”

“Yes.” Inexplicably, Vivian felt nervous when the man asked her about the dress. “I went shopping with Elaine today, and I bought it since it suits me. Does it not look nice?”

Finnick paused for a while before he answered, “The style of the dress doesn’t suit you. Listen to me, go get changed.”

Hearing that, Vivian uttered a response before she went upstairs, downhearted.

In the bedroom, she had changed into her usual clothes. She was now staring at the white dress that was lying on the bed.

Her eyes prickled with tears when she recalled how she dressed up for him, waiting for his return anticipatingly. She felt suffocated, feeling like her heart was being tied into a knot.

Vivian William, don’t weep like a baby! She took a few deep breaths and fanned her eyes, blinking back her tears.

At night, Vivian got up to use the bathroom. When she climbed back into the bed, she suddenly heard Finnich calling the name “Evelyn”.

She turned around to face Finnick. In his sleep, the man’s brows knitted, and the veins on his temple throbbed as if he was having a bad dream.

Evelyn? Is it Evelyn Morrison? Finnick is dreaming about her? Tears rolled down her cheeks at the thought of her husband calling another woman’s name in his dream, especially when she recalled him saying coldly that the dress didn’t suit her.

She turned her back to him. Biting her finger, she let her tears surge out, wetting the pillowcase.

In the morning, the other side of the bed was already empty when Vivian woke up.

While washing up, she was frustrated at the sight of her puffy eyes in the mirror. “How am I going to meet other people with these eyes?”

In the end, she resorted to massaging her eyes with an ice pack to help with the swelling.

As she opened her wardrobe to get changed into working attire, the dresses she bought the other day came into sight.

The style of the dress doesn’t suit you. At that moment, Finnick’s words rang out in her mind again.

Just because he said it doesn’t suit me doesn’t mean I can’t wear it. I didn’t buy the dress because of him. With that in mind, she put on the dress she bought and applied makeup similar to the one yesterday.

After that, she went to work.

Her job that day was to interview at an auction with Sarah and Ken from the magazine company.

Since she got married, she had accompanied Finnick and attended many auctions. Therefore, she was familiar with the whole auctioning process.

In no time, they had taken pictures of the auctioning venue’s interior, noted down the information of a few relatively eye-catching auction items, and interviewed some successful bidders.

Just as they were about to leave, Vivian caught sight of a familiar figure. She hesitated for a while and then told Sarah and Ken, “You guys go back first. I saw a friend just now, and I’m going to say hi.”

“Alright, we’ll leave you then.” With that, Sarah and Ken left.


Meanwhile, Benedict heard someone calling his name. He turned around to find Vivian standing behind him.

He was a little stunned by her appearance.

Vivian felt rather self-conscious when Benedict stared at her, not saying a word. “What’s wrong?” she asked meekly.

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