Never Late, Never Away Chapter 349

Benedict soon realized it was rude of him to keep staring at someone. With a smile, he said, “Nothing. It’s just that I think your dress looks beautiful. I never seen you wear this kind of dress before.”

“Well, I’m trying out a new style lately.” Vivian randomly came up with a topic, “Are you here for any auction item?”

“Well, that’s one of the reasons. Mainly, I’m here to get acquainted with those from the business industry since they are all potential business partners. Are you here doing an interview?” That was the only purpose for Vivian to come to the auction he could think of.

“Yes. I need to go back and write my script, so I should get going now. Bye!”

Benedict nodded. “Goodbye.”

His eyes followed Vivian as she left, the sorrowful emotions in them were barely veiled. “Evelyn…” he muttered under his breath.

Vivian head back to the magazine company after parting ways with Benedict.

“Vivian, you’re back!” Sarah greeted her. “I thought you’re going to stay a little longer with your friend.”

“It’s just an acquaintance of mine,” said Vivian.

Just then, she noticed Sarah kept staring at her. “What’s wrong? Do I have something on my face? You’ve been staring at me all the time at the auction.”

Hearing that, Sarah flashed her a sheepish grin. “Vivian, you actually noticed it! I thought I was careful enough. It’s just that you look different today, much prettier than before. That’s why I couldn’t take my eyes off you.”

Jenny chimed in, “That’s true. Vivian, your dressing style and makeup sure look different today. You look gorgeous. Well, that tells us that as women, we do need to spruce ourselves up.”

“Really?” Vivian asked dubiously. She was unsure whether it was sincere praise or a mere pleasantry after having received the negative comment from Finnick.

“Trust me, Vivian. You look absolutely stunning!” Sarah nodded firmly, reassuring her that it was not sweet talk.

Vivian replied smilingly, “I got it. Thank you for your praise.” She was happy to receive the compliment from Sarah. After all, who wouldn’t want to look beautiful in the eyes of others?

“Big news, everyone! Check Twitter!” Charlie, the new employee, came rushing into the office, yelling. He then reached his desk and turned on his computer.

His excitement successfully piqued everyone’s interest. They gathered around his desk, fixing their eyes on the computer screen. “What is the big news about?”

“Someone posted a video about Finnor Group’s president and his ex-girlfriend. The video went viral on the Internet,” explained Charlie while he clicked on the video.

Everyone was intrigued when they heard the news concerned Finnick. Unanimously, they stopped asking further questions and directed their attention to the screen.

As for Vivian, she was unhappy to hear that the video featured both Finnick and Evelyn. Yet, she succumbed to her curiosity and gathered around Charlie’s desk.

It was a video about Finnick celebrating Evelyn’s birthday with her.

As the video started playing, they saw a young lady standing behind a three-tier birthday cake, making a wish. Sitting on top of the cake were two cake toppers that were holding hands and kissing.

The young lady was wearing a white strapless dress. The diamonds on the dress glittered under the candlelight. She seemed to emanate a radiant glow in the sparkling dress, with her hair draped around her shoulder and enhancing her beautiful collarbones.

Her flawless skin was shimmering, like ivory. She had arched eyebrows, celestial nose, and rosy lips that curled into a smile. When she closed her eyes to make a wish, the young lady looked remarkably beautiful and angelic.

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