Never Late, Never Away Chapter 350

The young man standing next to her was none other than Finnick.

In the video, he looked much younger and livelier. The smile never left his face when he sang the birthday song for Evelyn. His affection for the young lady was barely veiled in his eyes as he watched her make her wish.

After the wish-making, Evelyn blew the candles and then cast her eyes at Finnick. The latter caressed her hair as he wished her a happy birthday.

Just then, Evelyn tiptoed and kissed his forehead. Feeling shy, she immediately lowered her head, not daring to look at him.

In his daze, Finnick stood rooted to his spot as if he never expected she would kiss him. The others started cheering him on, “Kiss her! Kiss her!”

Finnick was embarrassed and perhaps a little shy. Yet, he held Evelyn’s shoulder and placed a kiss on her forehead.

At that instant, the others cheering grew louder.

Although it was only a minute-long video, everyone watching it could feel the two’s happiness and affection for each other.

As for Vivian, her heart was overwhelmed with mixed feelings. Although Finnick never hid his past with Evelyn from her, it was still too much for her to watch him being so intimate with another girl.

One of the employees, a young lady, commented, “Wow! Finnick’s ex-girlfriend is beautiful. If it wasn’t for the kidnapping incident, the two of them would make a lovely couple.”

Hearing that, the person next to her quickly gave her a nudge and sneaked a glance in Vivian’s direction.

The young lady soon realized she had said the wrong thing. Oh, crap! How could I say something like that in front of Finnick’s wife!

With her face flushed, she apologized, “I’m sorry, Vivian. That’s not what I mean. I was just… I was just trying to say that…”

The young lady stuttered, not knowing how to explain to Vivian that she had no ill will.

Vivian forced a smile and said, “It’s alright. It’s his past, and I won’t mind.”

Just then, she heard Shannon’s voice with a sarcastic tone from behind, “Really? Vivian, do you really won’t mind?”

Sarah retorted, “Shannon, that’s just Finnick’s ex. What does it have to do with Vivian? It’s normal to have an ex, so there is no need for you to be sarcastic.”

She had always disliked Shannon. To her, Shannon was nothing but a snobbish and gossipy woman.

“Huh,” Shannon snorted, eyeing Vivian up and down. “If she really doesn’t mind, then why is she imitating Evelyn’s dressing style?”

Hearing that, everyone shifted their gaze to Vivian.

Indeed, Vivian’s look today was different from usual. Her dressing style and even her makeup were similar to Evelyn’s in the video.

Could she be imitating Evelyn? As Finnick’s wife, she’s imitating his ex-girlfriend’s dressing style. That means to say that… At that instant, they seemed to have understood something.

Shannon was unrelenting. “Vivian, you must be feeling self-conscious to see Finnick having such a beautiful ex-girlfriend. Are you worried that Finnick might abandon you? That’s why you imitate Evelyn. You’re doing this to have a better grip on his heart, aren’t you? I thought Finnick liked you a lot, but now it seems… Tsk tsk tsk.”

She shook her head, casting her taunting gaze at Vivian.

Vivian felt embarrassed at Shannon’s mocking, yet she couldn’t rebuke her; even she couldn’t deny that her look today was similar to Evelyn’s.

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