Never Late, Never Away Chapter 351

Although she could already guess Evelyn must be a stunner from Benedict’s charming features, she was still struck by Evelin’s beauty in the video.

Vivian was not a stunner nor a talented person. In fact, she was an illegitimate child.

She was streets behind Evelyn in terms of their looks and family background. Everyone could tell that the latter and Finnick were a perfect match. Now even she became doubtful as well. Back then, what did Finnick even see in me?

To maintain a good working relationship, the other colleagues didn’t make any spiteful remarks. Still, Vivian seemed to have seen the scorn and mockery hidden beneath their eyes.

At that moment, she felt like a cheap imitation, unknowingly making a fool of herself.

She could take it no more, so she grabbed her purse and fled the office.

Soon she arrived home like a lost soul.

Finnick was still in the office while Mrs. Filder took a day off that day; she was the only one in the empty house.

She threw herself onto the couch and wrapped herself in a blanket. Staring blankly into space, she didn’t move for a long time.

After some time, she grabbed her phone and clicked on Twitter.

The first few trending topics all concerned Finnick, Evelyn, and her.

She found Finnick and Evelyn’s video and started playing it again and again. Their interaction made her heart ache, but she just couldn’t move her eyes away from the screen.

As her finger accidentally swiped the screen, the netizens’ comments came into sight.

“Is this young lady Finnick’s ex? She looks beautiful!”

“Wow! She’s way more beautiful than Finnick’s wife. His taste in women sure has changed a lot. Perhaps he’s sick of dating a goddess, and now he prefers an average woman?”

“Only a beauty like her makes a perfect match with Finnick. Vivian is only a gold-digger who married Finnick to climb the social ladder!”

“Vivian should leave Finnick! Click like if you agree with me.”

Almost all comments were negative comments about her, saying she was not good enough for Finnick.

It looks like to them, only the beautiful and smart Evelyn would be worthy of Finnick.

Unwilling to read more of those negative comments, Vivian decided to log out of Twitter. Just then, she suddenly caught sight of a familiar profile picture and username.

She quickly clicked into Twitter again to see that the poster of the video was “Back to the Past”.

Who is this account holder? Why does he have this video? From the viewpoint of the camera, this video is surely not secretly recorded. Could he be Finnick and Evelyn’s friend? But why is he targeting me?

With strings of questions in her mind, she sent a message to “Back to the Past”: Who are you? Why did you post this video?

Soon, “Back to the Past” replied: Things are just about to get started. It’s time to set things right.

Vivian was clueless as she sent another message: What do you mean? Who the hell are you?

“Back to the Past”: You’ll find out soon. Be patient.

With that, “Back to the Past” went offline. Vivian continued sending messages, yet she received no reply.

She threw her phone onto the couch in anger. At that moment, she felt like she was living under surveillance. That person knew everything about her, but she had no idea who that person was.

Restlessness crept onto her heart. It felt like she was about to lose something.

Right then, the sound of the door unlocking rang out.

She instantly knew it was Finnick. Instead of coming up to him to greet him as usual, she bit her lip while remaining seated on the couch, her entire body trembling.

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