Never Late, Never Away Chapter 355

“I’m here to see Mom.” Vivian answered as she lugged her suitcase into the house.

“Let me get it.” Mrs. Filder took it from her. Vivian thanked her with a smile.

Scanning the room, she did not see her mother in the living room. Mrs. Filder pointed in the direction of the bedroom.

Vivian acknowledged with a nod. She took a peep through the aperture and found her mother resting in the room.

“Mrs. Filder, how’s Mom lately?” she asked under her breath.

Mrs. Filder shook her head and sighed.

Vivian grew anxious. “What’s happened? Is there anything wrong with Mom? Is she suffering from any health problems?”

“These days, she’s always spacing out and doesn’t sleep well. Last night, she sat on the sofa till midnight. I asked her for a reason but she didn’t say anything.

“Also, she doesn’t seem to have any appetite lately. I made her some soup this morning but she refused to drink it. She just rested not too long ago.”

Worried, Vivian looked at the bedroom door.

Rachel finally woke up around four o’clock in the afternoon. She was startled to see Vivian and perplexed to learn that she had moved back to her house. “If you stay here, then what about Finnick?”

“He’s on a business trip, so I’m back to keep you company,” Vivian said briefly as she was reluctant to come clean to her mother about what happened between them. “How are you recently, Mom? I heard from Mrs. Filder that you didn’t eat much these few days.”

“I know my own body. I’m good. Nothing’s wrong.” Rachel stroked Vivian’s hair. “It’s good that you’re here as I miss you so much. Stay longer with me.”

“Sure.” Vivian gave her mother a tight hug, wishing she could just bawl her eyes out to express her frustration and grievances. However, she could not bring herself to do so and make Rachel upset.

“I miss you too, Mom.”

“My silly girl.” Rachel teased her. Suddenly, she recalled something and got entangled in her own thoughts.

A few days into spending quality time with her mother in the small apartment, Vivian noticed that she became more joyful.

One night, she was contemplating if she should send a text message or call Finnick to check in on him.

It wasn’t my fault. Why should I contact him when he didn’t even call me up? She felt as if she was making a loss.

As she pondered over it, she realized he did not do anything wrong either.

While she was still dwelling in her dilemma, she heard a loud thud coming from the bathroom.

Tossing her phone aside, she quickly ran to the bathroom. When she opened the door, she saw Rachel lying on the floor in agony. She had one hand on her head and blood was gushing out from the gaps between her fingers.

There were some blood stains on the sink. Seemingly, Rachel accidentally knocked her head on the sink when she was trying to get up from the toilet seat.

“Oh my, Mom, are you okay?” Vivian sobbed while trying to assist Rachel.

Rachel’s face was twisted in a grimace of pain. She could not speak a word.

Vivian felt so helpless seeing her mother suffering from excruciating pain. Panicked, she covered her wound with a towel and then dialled 911 for help.

In the ambulance, she held her mother’s hand in trepidation.

She was desperate to get help from her circle of friends to make arrangements for the best doctor to treat her mother. Unfortunately, she did not have many influential contacts in her midst. The first person who appeared on her list was Finnick.

She dialed his number and waited nervously for it to be connected.

“The number you’ve dialed is currently unavailable. Please call again later.” She tried multiple times but to no avail.

I can’t get through to Finnick and there’s no one that I know in this hospital. What should I do now?

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