Never Late, Never Away Chapter 356

Benedict, that’s right! With his identity and status, he would surely know someone from the hospital.

Although Vivian did not want to bother Benedict, she had no choice given the current circumstance.

“Hello, Vivian. What happened that you’re calling so late at night?” Benedict’s voice gave her some comfort and made her feel safe.

As she felt slightly relieved, she burst out crying. “Benedict, my mom… she fell down and accidentally knocked herself on the head. She’s losing a lot of blood. Can you help me to contact the hospital…”

She wept and wept.

When Benedict learned what happened, he jumped up from his bed, put on his clothes hastily and sped off. “Don’t be too anxious. Where are you now? I’ll go over right away.”

Without further delay, Vivian reported her location, “We’re on our way to the Pinnacle Hospital. We’re almost there.”

“All right, don’t panic. Take good care of your mother. I’m going to call the hospital now and make the necessary arrangements.” Benedict rushed to his garage.

“Thank you, Benedict.” She hung up after expressing her gratitude.

Holding on to Rachel’s hand, Vivian prayed hard. Mom, please be okay.

When they arrived at the hospital, there were doctors waiting at the entrance. Subsequently, Rachel was sent to the emergency ward. Not long after, Benedict showed up.

“How… how’s your mother?” Benedict panted for breath.

Shaking her head, Vivian could not control herself and started crying. “I don’t know, I…”

“Rest assured that everything will be fine,” Benedict comforted her and patted her back.

She nodded.

The indicator at the operating room remained lit. Vivian felt so restless as she stared at the tightly shut door.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open and a nurse walked out in a haste. Urgently, she asked, “Who’s related to the patient?”

“Me! I’m her daughter!” Vivian presented herself.

“The patient’s condition is quite critical and she needs a blood transfusion. Unfortunately, we don’t have sufficient quantity in the blood bank. Which of you has the same blood type as the patient?”

“You can use mine! I’m her daughter.” Vivian rolled up her sleeve.

“Do you know what’s your blood type?”

“I don’t…” Vivian had never hated herself so much at that point for not knowing her own blood type.

“Okay, please follow me to get yourself prepared.” The nurse quickened her footsteps and led Vivian to the lab. Benedict followed suit.

To her dismay, she was told that her type was A whereas Rachel’s was O. Their blood types were not compatible to each other’s and therefore, Vivian could not donate hers.

She was stupefied. How could this be? Why am I type A? I remember both Mom and Dad were type O? Why then, is mine A?

There was no time for her to pick on these details. She thought maybe she remembered it wrongly.

“What else can I do?” She was troubled by the newly learned fact and lost her objectivity.

“I’m a Type O”. Benedict was delighted to find out that his blood type matched Rachel’s. “I can donate to her.”

A genuine smile appeared on Vivian’s face. She looked at him thankfully. “Oh really? That’s great. Thank you so much, Benedict.”

He patted her shoulders and then followed the nurse to get ready for the blood transfusion process.

After two unbearable hours, the indicator on the operating room was finally switched off. As soon as the doors flung open, Vivian ran to the doctor and asked about Rachel’s condition.

Looking quite tired, the doctor removed his surgical mask and informed Vivian, “The operation was very successful. The patient is fine now and will be out soon.”

“Thanks doctor. Thank you so much…” she could not stop thanking the doctor. At last, Vivian felt relieved.

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