Never Late, Never Away Chapter 357

Rachel woke up the next morning.

“Mom, you finally woke up.” Vivian was happy and worried at the same time. “How are you feeling? Does the wound still hurt?”

“I’m fine. Sorry for causing you so much worry.” The feeble Rachel sounded very breathy.

She felt bad at the sight of Vivian’s concerned face and struggled with all her might to pat her hand. I’ve never contributed much to her life but keep on troubling her and making her feel so unsettled to the extent of sacrificing her blissful marriage.

Actually, Rachel could see through Vivian. Although Vivian did not mention Finnick, she always brushed the topic off whenever Rachel brought it up. The way she changed the subject immediately gave her away. Rachel suspected she had fought with Finnick.

As she thought about the reason behind Vivian and Finnick’s marriage, Rachel felt that she had owed her daughter too much.

Vivian stayed back at the hospital to take care of her mother for the next couple of days.

Rachel realized that Vivian was not being herself ever since she regained consciousness after the surgery. Whenever Rachel inquired, Vivian would answer that nothing was bothering her. It made Rachel even more ill at ease.

When Benedict came to the ward for a visit, he noticed that Rachel would take a peek at him from time to time. Her eyes conveyed grief and sadness. She looked as if she wanted to say something but faltered each time she opened her mouth.

Bemused by her expressions, he took the initiative to test waters. “Ms. Rachel, you… have something you want to tell me?”

Faced with the unexpected question, Rachel kept quiet. She took a glance at Vivian, doubting her decision to speak.

Vivian sensed Rachel’s strange gaze. What’s wrong with Mom? Does she want to say something to Benedict but felt awkward because I’m around?

After much contemplation and struggle, Rachel got it out of her chest. “Eve… Evelyn’s death anniversary is approaching, right?”

Benedict lowered his eyes. “Yes, it’s the day after tomorrow.”

There was nothing on his face but misery.

“I’d like to visit her. May I?” Rachel asked carefully in a very meek tone.

Vivian was stunned. Why does Mom remember Evelyn’s death anniversary? Oh right, she’s served as a helper at the Morrisons. Perhaps she used to take care of Evelyn.

Benedict was moved when he heard Rachel’s request. “Of course, you may, Ms. Rachel. Evelyn would be delighted if she knew you wanted to visit her.”

It seems like there’s another person in the world who misses Evelyn besides myself.

Then, he recalled she had just undergone a surgery. “Ms. Rachel, can your body cope considering you’re still recuperating from the operation? Don’t strain yourself.”

“No problem, I can make it.” Rachel replied instantly in fear that Benedict would reject her wish.

Cough… cough… cough..

She spoke too fast and choked herself, which triggered a series of coughs. Vivian quickly patted her back to soothe her.

Seeing that her coughs persisted, Vivian advised, “Mom, you haven’t fully recovered. Shall we cancel the plan? In case…”

Rachel interrupted her before she could finish her sentence, “I’m really fine! Hack… hack… hack…” Her throat was irritated and her cough turned severe.

Vivian dared not say anything further, with the hopes that her mother would stop coughing and not affect her wound.

Vivian’s heart wrenched after seeing how Rachel was so eager to attend Evelyn’s death anniversary albeit her current health condition. That explains why Mom has been dazing off so much lately.

Mom didn’t visit me when I was hospitalized after being kidnapped by Ashley, even though I did I tell her not to trouble herself. Vivian was rather jealous and felt a surge of emotional imbalance that her mother was more concerned for Evelyn.

If anyone who has just taken care of Evelyn would like the girl so much, one can imagine what a pleasant girl she was.

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