Never Late, Never Away Chapter 358

At that moment, an image surfaced in Vivian’s mind. It was a scene she had seen from a video; a grinning Evelyn closing her eyes and making a wish.

Indeed, who wouldn’t like such an angelic girl? What more for the guy who grew up with her, Finnick. He probably will never forget her…

Vivian felt bitter that Rachel insisted on going to the grave, but she caved into her anyway. “All right, I’ll go with you. I can’t leave you to go on your own.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll arrange for a doctor to go along.” Benedict was surprised that Rachel cared so much for Evelyn.

Hearing that they both agreed to her request, a smile appeared on Rachel’s face. Vivan urged her to rest more.

Two days later, Vivian accompanied her mother to Evelyn’s grave. Benedict picked them up from the hospital early in the morning and set off together.

Nestled in lushes of green where birds’ chirping was heard all day long, the cemetery was nothing but a tranquil place. Yet, it did not make the undead feel relaxed, but heavy hearted.

Evelyn’s grave was at the very end of the cemetery. The group walked for quite a bit before arriving at hers.

Vivian placed the white roses on in front of the tombstone. A beautiful photo of Evelyn caught her attention.

Stepping backward, she found Rachel sobbing non-stop.

She attempted to wipe Rachel’s tears with a handkerchief. Within a split second, it was soaking wet.

Looking at the weeping Rachel, Vivian had no idea how to console her. She could only stood by her side and accompany her.

When Vivian was in a daze looking at Evelyn’s photo, a group of reporters came from nowhere and surrounded her. Each of them pointed a long microphone at her.

“Mrs. Norton, why are you here at Evelyn Morrison’s grave? Does Mr. Norton know that you’re here?”

“Please tell us if the viral video has affected the relationship between you and your husband.”

“Mrs. Norton, could you share with us your impression of Evelyn?”

“Mrs. Norton, how do you feel right now? Are you jealous that Finnick and Evelyn were a couple?”

“May I ask…”

They continued to bombard her with a list of questions while shining bright lights at her face. Not knowing what to do, Vivian felt so helpless. Why are there so many paparazzi here today?

“I…” She had no idea what to say. Although she had always been interviewing people, it was her first time being ambushed by the reporters. Her mind went blank and her heart raced rapidly; her body even trembled a little.

The reporters had no intention to let her go, seeing that she remained silent.

They knew it was Evelyn’s death anniversary and had been scouting at the cemetery since morning. At first, they only wanted to take a few photos of the tombstone to satisfy the curious netizens who were still following on the news about the viral video. In a way, that could help boost the sales of their magazines.

Unexpectedly, they got what they bargained for when Vivian showed up! With news and photos of Vivian, the sales of their magazines would definitely increase multiple folds.

Consequently, these reporters would receive credits in terms of a promotion or a raise.

In fact, they had already come up with various catchy headlines!

What’s Finnick’s Wife Ulterior Motive For Visiting His Former Girlfriend’s Grave?

A Love Battle Between The Living And The Dead.

Finnick Misses Ex-girlfriend. Wife Sends A Challenge At The Grave!

The stories continued..

In conclusion, it was all marketing gimmicks to attract readers’ attention. Whether Vivian said anything, regardless of what she said, and even if she merely opened her mouth, the reporters had their means to create a selling point and lead the readers on.

“Mrs. Norton, could you respond to our questions please?”

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