Never Late, Never Away Chapter 359

“Say something, Mrs. Norton. Everyone is so curious.”

“That’s right. Mrs. Norton, what are your comments on the video which went viral?”

The reporters approached her closer and closer, causing Vivian to take a wrong step and lost her balance. The people continued to squeeze in and pushed her around, resulting in her dishevelled look. Vivian’s nicely tied up hair turned messy and she lost one side of her heels. Her feet were stepped on umpteen times…

“Move aside!” Benedict yelled as he pushed the crowd away and got himself next to Vivian.

Protecting her in his arms, Benedict shot an angry stare at the paparazzi. “Today’s Evelyn’s death anniversary. Vivian is here for a visit with no other agenda. I’ve agreed to her visit.”

“Mr. Morrison, why would you agree to allow your sister’s former boyfriend’s wife to visit her grave?” Benedict’s response piqued the interest of a reporter and he directed a microphone in front of Benedict with much excitement. “Don’t you think that Ms. Morrison would be upset since they are rivals?”

The rest of the reporters followed and moved their microphones to Benedict, waiting patiently for his answer.

“Which magazine company are you from?” Benedict turned hostile. “Should I pay your company a visit too?”

Catching the hint, the noisy group gradually quiet down and stopped asking any more provocative questions.

Though the Morrisons were no longer as influential as they were in the past, they were still more than capable to destroy a small magazine company.

“Today is my sister’s death anniversary.” In an infuriating voice, Benedict scanned the people’s faces from left to right. “I don’t want her to be disturbed. Please leave this place immediately.”

Although they did not achieve their sole objective, the reporters did not want to bring troubles upon themselves either. As much as they were reluctant to give up the golden opportunity to create juicy news in exchange of attractive rewards, they would rather leave than to lose their jobs.

“Are you all right?” Benedict was concerned about Vivian.

The woman standing in front of him looked rather pitiful. Her hair was tousled whereas her clothes were so crumpled. Her bare foot was trampled on and bleeding slightly. There were black footprints mixed with blood and dust…

She shook her head and plastered a smile on her face. “Thank you.”

Right when both of them heaved a sigh of relief, a reporter on his way to the exit shouted, “It’s Finnick Norton!”

Vivian lifted her head and look toward the direction where the familiar name was uttered. She could hardly believe whom she saw. The welled-up tears in her eyes started to roll down her cheeks.

Afar stood a slender yet upright figure who was dressed in a full grey suit and a black trench coat. Although he looked tired, the prominent facial features were still as captivating as ever. His presence demanded everyone’s attention. He was none other than Finnick.

Seeing him from afar, Vivian felt her a tinge of heartache and an urge to cry out loud.

He wasn’t here when I was feeling aggrieved and jealous. I had to hide under the sheets and cry myself to sleep. He wasn’t here too when I heard that Evelyn might still be alive and needed someone to discuss the matter. Neither was he here when Mom hurt herself and was hospitalized. He wasn’t present when I felt so helpless.

Now, the travel-worn Finnick rushed back on the day of Evelyn’s death anniversary. This goes to show who’s his priority.

Vivian mocked herself. Is there anything that I could compete with Evelyn?

Finnick almost blew a fuse when he saw the hand on Vivian’s waist. He clenched his fist and cast a furious look at both Benedict and Vivian.

Considering the injury on Vivian’s foot and how she was harshly pushed around by the reporters, Benedict wanted to protect her. So, he remained his position which appeared to be hugging Vivian sideways, with his hand resting on her waist.

Anger rose in Benedict’s heart instantly the moment he saw Finnick.

How dare he steps foot onto Evelyn’s grave! She wouldn’t have lost her precious life in her prime years if it wasn’t for Finnick.

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