Never Late, Never Away Chapter 36

Vivian turned around and saw that Finnick had returned.

Finnick was standing there. His figure was lean and his legs were long and slender. His light blue shirt outlined his perfectly sculpted body.

A solemn look flashed across Vivian’s eyes.

He’s such an exceptional man, but he’s forced to sit in a wheelchair. How does that even feel like?

“I’m telling Vivian that I’ve fallen in love with her at first sight and is planning to steal her away from you.” The moment Xavier saw Finnick, a frivolous smile appeared on his lips again. “Finnick, you know how charming I am. I’ve got so many women fawning over me. You must be careful!”

“Don’t think that Vivian’s the same as those women around you,” rebuked Finnick calmly. He walked to the dining table and opened the bottle of red wine. “She won’t ever like you.”

“Hmph! How confident!” Xavier snorted in disdain.

With the lively Xavier around, there was not a single moment of boredom during the meal. Vivian was laughing from start to finish because of him. Only after they finished dessert did Xavier wipe his mouth and reluctantly stand up.

“Alright, Vivian. I have a date today, so I won’t disturb you and Finnick anymore. I’ll visit you again.”

Vivian stood up with Finnick to send Xavier off. They only returned to the dining room after Xavier’s ostentatiously red sports car sped away.

Finnick was bringing the plates on the dining table back to the kitchen.

“Let me do it,” offered Vivian immediately, wanting to take the plates away from Finnick’s hands. However, he raised his hand and stopped her.

“I can do simple things like this,” replied Finnick in a deep voice.

Left with no choice, Vivian could only clear the table with him.

As Finnick placed the plates in the dishwasher, he abruptly asked, “What did Xavier tell you just now?”

Vivian was taken aback. However, she still replied honestly, “He told me why you’re pretending to be crippled.”

“I see.” Finnick nodded, not surprised at all.

Vivian expected it too. Since Finnick and Xavier shared so many years of friendship, Finnick definitely could guess what Xavier told her.

“Do you blame me?” Finnick suddenly asked again as he shot a brooding glance at Vivian.

Surprised, Vivian didn’t understand what he meant. “Blame you for what?”

“I should be the one telling all these things to you,” mumbled Finnick as he placed the last plate into the dishwasher.

Vivian burst out laughing. “There’s no difference. Without your permission, Xavier wouldn’t have dared to tell it to me, right?”

Finnick could not help but steal another glance at her.

Although she’s never nosy, she’s actually very observant.

This is the woman I chose!

“Yeah.” Vivian and Finnick walked out of the kitchen, hand in hand. “Xavier’s better at talking than me.”

In other words, he was saying that Xavier could probably explain it clearer than he could.

“As for the specific reason…” Finnick hesitated for a while before adding, “I still can’t tell you. The more you know, the more danger you’ll be in. I hope that you’ll understand.”

Vivian nodded. “I know. You’re trying to protect me.”

Vivian uttered those words very softly and light-heartedly. Yet, when Finnick heard her, he felt a flutter in his heart. He unknowingly tightened his grip on Vivian’s soft hand.

Sensing Finnick’s grip on her hand, Vivian started to blush. She was about to say something when her phone in the living room rang.

“Um… I’ll go pick up the call.” With her head lowered, Vivian mumbled, withdrew her hand and walked to the living room.

When she grabbed the phone on the table and saw the incoming call, her brows furrowed.

She accepted the call and asked expressionlessly, “Ashley, why are you calling me?”

Ashley and Vivian shared the same father, but different mothers. Although they were related by blood, they grew up in completely different environments and barely saw each other. Hence, there was no sisterly bond between them.

Especially after what happened with Fabian, Vivian felt like there was no need for them to feign friendliness with each other anymore. Hence, she did not know why Ashley called her.

“Vivian.” Ashley’s sickeningly sweet voice sounded on the phone. “You seem unhappy to receive my call.”

“There’s nothing to be happy about.” Vivian could not be bothered to keep up the act with her. With an impatient tone, she snapped, “Cut the crap. What do you want?”

“Of course I’m calling you to report good news,” said Ashley in a cutesy voice. “I heard that Ms. William’s condition is improving, right?”

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