Never Late, Never Away Chapter 360

Although the reporters witnessed the two men staring down at each other, no one dared to step forward and raise a question. If they did, it would have fetched them a ton of juicy tabloids.

In addition to his icy and intimidating appearance, his identity as a young Norton, coupled with the title President of Finnor Group would make anyone avoid him like the plague.

Unlike Benedict who was barely maintaining the status of the Morrison family, Finnick was a class above all. Even if they had the courage, they would choose to revere him instead.

The men had their eyes blazing with anger; Vivian was biting her lips while looking at Finnick with glistened eyes. On the other side, none of the reporters had mulled up any courage to step forward. Time stood still as the entire place sank into a tensed and awkward atmosphere.

Suddenly, a lady appeared in front of everyone.

“Oh my heart!” All those who saw her could not help but gasped with amazement.

Her knee-length white tulle dress perfectly completed her curvy figure. Pairing it with a pair of pink heels, a small segment of her exposed calf looked very attractive. She held a silver palm-sized clutch in her hand. Her short and silky hair brushed through both sides of her cheeks.

She was wearing a thin diamond necklace, which was so dazzling. It enhanced the beauty of her neck and made her look exceptionally elegant.

Her features were so well-defined as if they were perfectly chiseled by hand. Even without any make-up on, her brows looked nicely embroidered and her lips were crimson red. It was a face that no one would ever forget.

Some reporters started photographing her beauty to record each of her action and smile.

More joined in and suddenly the place was filled with camera flashes flickering continuously as if a famous celebrity was present on site.

The lady remained composed and continued to walk forward with a steady smile on her face.

Vivian removed her gaze from Finnick after noticing that the reporters were sent into a frenzy again. She wanted to see what was going on.

Elaine? Why is she here? Vivian was perplexed. Also, Vivian realized that Elaine looked completely different from any other day.

Usually, she’s always dressed in professional attire, complemented by an exquisite make-up and a sleek hairstyle, giving the impression of a capable working lady.

Today, Elaine is carrying a teenage girl look. It was very similar to the clothes she has picked out for me at the mall. In addition, she’s only put on very light make-up and portraying herself as an adolescent.

Vivian could hardly recognize her!

Even in two different looks, one can’t deny Elaine’s charm and beauty. Vivian felt that her new look suited her more, depicting a simple and clean personality.

Vivian looked at Elaine who was walking toward her. She had a deja vu and felt that Elaine gave her a familiar feeling, but she could not tell who did Elaine look like.

As Benedict released her hand behind Vivian’s back, she felt a bit unsteady and lost her balance. In order not to fall, she quickly exerted force onto the injured foot to stabilize herself.

“Ouch!” A streak of pain coursed through her veins as she inhaled sharply.

She turned to Benedict, only to find him looking blankly at Elaine with his jaw dropped. He was downright stunned with a mixed expression settling on his face.

She then turned to Finnick and noticed that he too, had his eyes widened and staring at Elaine with disbelief. The indifferent expression which he usually wore on his face was replaced with a rare shocking look.

Rachel rubbed her swollen eyes as she mumbled to herself. Faintly, Vivian could hear her say phrases like ‘that’s impossible’ and ‘how could it be’.

Vivian was totally mystified by their expressions and reactions. Elaine is indeed gorgeous but why are their responses so weird?

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