Never Late, Never Away Chapter 361

Thinking that she was most familiar with Elaine compared to the rest who were present on site, Vivian felt obliged to greet her.

She endured the pain and forcefully fit her swollen foot into the pink high heel. Limping, she approached Elaine slowly.

“Why are you here, Elaine?” Does she know Evelyn? Is she here to visit her grave?

Ironically, Elaine who had always been very welcoming and enthusiastic when interacting with Vivian, ignored her presence. Elaine walked around Vivian and did not even cast a gaze at her.

As much as Vivian wanted to call out to Elaine again, she was too embarrassed to move a muscle. Her face turned red, wishing for a spot to bury her head in the sand.

Right when Vivian was still puzzled with Elaine’s change of attitude, she heard a statement which stiffened her body instantly.

“My big brother Ben and Finnick, sorry for making you wait for a decade,” Elaine uttered softly in front of the two men.

Big brother Ben?

Vivian’s breath became rapid the moment she heard how Elaine addressed Benedict.

Who is she? Why does she refer to Benedict as her big brother?

“Evelyn…” Benedict fixed his eyes on the lady standing before him. Gradually, his murky eyes started to beam with joy. He strode toward her and stretched out his arms wanting to hold her shoulders. Yet, he left them hanging in mid-air as doubts crept up on him. Moments later when reality sank in, he put his arms down and tears welled up in his eyes.

“You… Are you really Evelyn?” Excitement could be heard in his shaky voice.

“Is that you, Evelyn? You’re still alive?” Benedict asked repeatedly with the hopes she could allay his fear and doubts. Yet, he was afraid to know the truth.

“Ben, I’m sorry, I…” Elaine’s eyes gleamed. She found it hard to find the right words to speak.

Hearing how she called him by his nickname, Benedict went ahead and hugged her. “Evelyn!” Thrilled, he scrutinized her face again. “Is it you? It’s you! Evelyn…”

“Sorry, Ben, I’m so sorry for making you worry for ten long years!” Tears streamed down her pretty face.

“It’s okay as long as you’re back. Everything’s fine now…” Benedict could not be bothered about the minute details for he only cared for the fact that his sister was not dead and had now returned.

It was her! Truth be told that Grandpa’s speculation is correct. Evelyn is still alive. Vivian was shocked beyond belief.

She turned to Finnick and realized that his gaze was locked on Elaine since the moment she appeared. He was still looking at her. In fact, a delighted expression showed up on his face when he learned that Evelyn was alive.

Finnick must be very happy at the sight of a living Evelyn. Vivian’s hands shook involuntarily. She squeezed them firmly and pressed her nails against her palm but did not seem to feel the pain.

The surrounding reporters reacted by rushing toward the direction of Evelyn. Every dog has its day, this must be our lucky day to discover this explosive news!

Casting away their fear for both the Morrison and Norton families, they bombarded Evelyn with a list of questions. Only a fool would give up on such a rare opportunity to interview a person who appears to have resurrected!

“Are you the real Ms. Evelyn Morrison?”

“Ms. Morrison, what happened to the kidnapping case back then? How did you escape the fire?”

“Since you’re alive and kicking, why didn’t you appear even once within the last decade? Why did you mislead everyone that you’ve passed away?”

“May I know where you have been all these years…”

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