Never Late, Never Away Chapter 362

The reporters created a ruckus and it developed into a chaotic commotion.

Finnick had already blocked in front of Evelyn long before the crazy paparazzi made their way to approach her. Both Benedict and Finnick were eager to protect Evelyn from being injured by the crowd.

Seeing how the concerned Finnick pushed the reporters away with one arm while lovingly holding Evelyn with the other, a fearful feeling arose in Vivian’s heart. She bit her lips to stop herself from trembling.

When the reporters realized that they could never get an interview with Evelyn under such circumstances, they changed plans and gathered in front of Vivian instead.

“Mrs. Norton, do you know that Ms. Morrison was still alive?”

“Why didn’t you arrive with your husband, Mrs. Norton?”

“Did you know that Finnick would be here today too? Does this mean you two aren’t on speaking terms…”

The questioning did not stop.

The number of reporters who surrounded Vivian kept increasing. As they interrogated her, they also forced her to move toward Finnick, hoping to capture a photograph of the four together. The image would be the best consolation to replace an unsuccessful interview which could still entice the readers to buy their magazines.

Soon, Vivian, Finnick, Benedict and Evelyn were besieged by the reporters.

The tumult of shouting and screaming that broke out alerted the few men whom Benedict had brought along to decorate the grave.

They removed their gaze from Evelyn and formed a circle to protect the four individuals. Slowly but steadily, they moved toward the direction of the car.

“Mr. and Ms. Morrison, you go ahead quickly and leave the rest to us.” After sending them into the car safely, the men stood in line and got ready to block the reporters from rushing to the car.

Alas, they were outnumbered by the gang of reporters who caught up with them and skirted around the car. Some even knocked on the windows to get their attention. There was no way the car could move an inch.

“Mr. Morrison, what should we do?” The panicked driver asked Benedict for help.

He could not think of a solution. It will only make matters worse if we speed off and knock someone down.

Looking at the fanatics through the window, Finnick had an idea. He signaled the driver to move aside and took over the wheels himself.

From the rearview mirror, he noticed that there were fewer people at the back of the car. Without any hesitation, Finnick reversed the car and then seamlessly changed gear and stepped on the accelerator. The car moved forward swiftly.

The horror-stricken reporters ran for their lives as they did not expect the car to manoeuvre backward out of the blue. Getting hold of juicy news is indeed important and can bring them good prospects in their careers, but only if they live long enough to realize it.

Comparing to their earlier excessive zeal, Finnick smirked and scoffed at the reporters’ terrified faces as the car drove off and disappeared from everyone’s sight.

The four of them sat quietly in the living room at the Morrison residence.

After serving them tea, the helper went off without disturbing them.

There were so many things that Benedict wanted to know. Where have you been all these years, Evelyn? Why didn’t you look for your own brother? However, he did not know where to start. After all, they had not seen each other for a decade!

“Evelyn, what happened back then? How come I didn’t see you when I woke up?” Finnick set the ball rolling after accepting the shocking news.

“I…” Evelyn struggled for words. She might have been affected by Finnick’s hostility. Finding it hard to explain herself, she lowered her head and hid her expression.

“Tell us what happened, Evelyn.” Benedict grew anxious. He was determined to know the series of events which took place ten years ago. “Where have you been all these years? Why didn’t you come back and look for me?”

Evelyn did not answer Benedict’s question but lifted her head to look at Finnick. With anticipation, she asked, “Finnick, do you believe me?”

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