Never Late, Never Away Chapter 363

“What exactly happened all these years?” Finnick responded with a question.

Without hearing his answer, Evelyn withdrew her gaze in disappointment. “Actually, I wasn’t quite sure about the details. I had a little accident that time…”

She narrated the incident.

It turned out that a cleaner who was responsible for cleaning the area next to the warehouse was present on the day the warehouse caught fire. When he saw some flames from afar, he ran over to check it out.

Right after confirming that there was a fire, his first thought was to call for help to extinguish the fire.

However, he noticed a silhouette inside the warehouse.

Since the fire was not burning fiercely, the cleaner decided to take a closer look, in case someone was trapped inside. He was concerned about saving any life trapped in there.

Low and behold, there were a young guy and a girl, lying on the ground unconscious. Their limbs were all tied up.

Without a second thought, he immediately untied the ropes and then dragged the woman out of the warehouse.

After ensuring that the girl was safe, he rushed back to save the young man.

Before he could enter the warehouse for the second time, the fire became so massive and was burning the door down. It collapsed right before his eyes.

He was scared out of his wits and stepped back to avoid the blaze. As the large fire was threatening him, he fought his own conscience and ended up not risking his life to save the young man. Instead, he rushed the girl to the hospital.

“When I woke up in the hospital, I had no memory of myself nor the incident. The nurses told me that a forty-year-old cleaner sent me to the hospital and the latter told me what happened chronologically.”

When she finished, Evelyn shot Finnick a genuine stare as if she was afraid that he did not believe her story.

Finnick, on the contrary, had his eyes fixed on the cups and was seemingly in deep thoughts.

“Then, where did you go thereafter? Do you remember me now?” Upon hearing that Evelyn suffered from amnesia, Benedict made her look him in the eyes. He needed the assurance that she remembers her big brother.

“Ben.” Evelyn had mixed feelings. “If I didn’t recover from memory loss, how was I able to find you now?”

Benedict heaved a sigh of relief and realized he just asked a silly question. “What happened after that? Where did you go?”

“When I was discharged, I had no idea where to go. Neither did I have any money with me. I simply found a job as a waitress. They thought I wasn’t bad looking and agreed for me to enter a probation period.

“There was once I accidentally spilled hot soup on a male customer. He saw that I looked…” Evelyn omitted some details but everyone could guessed what followed after. Benedict listened with a cold, icy expression.

“He started acting inappropriately. I was enraged by his behavior and took the very first thing I could reach from the table and splashed water on him. He knew that I wouldn’t oblige to his request, so he stopped harassing me. However, he insisted that I should be fired.

“A kind-hearted couple who were having dinner at the hotel witnessed everything and they stood up for me. Unfortunately, the hotel sacked me. Though the couple wasn’t satisfied with the employer’s decision but there was nothing they could do besides consoling me.

“In our exchange, they learned about my situation and took pity on me. Coincidentally, their only daughter just passed away in an accident. Knowing that I couldn’t recall my own family members and was all alone, they took me in as their goddaughter and the rest was history.

“I didn’t know what else to do. Therefore, I agreed to live with them. Later on, I joined them and migrated to A Nation and I’ve been living there since.”

Benedict was distressed by what Evelyn had to go through. She should have been enjoying life as Ms. Morrison and being spoiled rotten by many. “I’m sorry for what you had to go through, Evelyn.”

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