Never Late, Never Away Chapter 364

Evelyn smiled at Benedict. “My godparents treat me very well. They channeled the attention for their deceased daughter on me and showered me with great love. Don’t worry, Ben. I’m good.”

She assured him and then continued, “Few months ago when I was traveling with my friends, I tripped and fell. I knocked my head on a piece of big rock and fainted.

“When I woke up, I was able to recall my identity and my past memories came back to me. I came looking for you all at once.”

She took a glance and Finnick and then bowed her head. “Just that…” In a still small voice, she said, “I didn’t expect…”

Although her sentence was incomplete, everyone knew what she wanted to say. Just that I didn’t expect to see Finnick was already married.

Finnick noticed the sorrow and helplessness in Evelyn’s eyes when she looked at him. He was slightly moved.

Finnick broke the silence indifferently. “Good to know that you’re fine now.” His tone was very casual and plain as if he was talking to a friend he had not met for years, rather than an ex-girlfriend.

With only one sentence from Finnick and no further concern from him, Evelyn’s heart ached. Rumor has it that he’s forgotten about me. Is it true that he has fallen head over heels for Vivian?

Putting aside her own emotions, Evelyn walked to Vivian and sat down beside her on the sofa.

Evelyn let out an awkward smile. “Vivian, I didn’t hide my true identity on purpose. When I heard that Finnick was married, I was so curious about his wife. When your senior editor wanted to interview me, I appointed you.

“After chatting with you, I think you’re a great person and I really wanted to be friends with you. I was afraid to tell you who I was, in case you no longer wanted to be close to me. I don’t want to lose a friend.

“Vivian, I really like you. I also think that you and Finnick make a good match. If he truly likes you, I’ll give you both my utmost blessing.”

Holding Vivian’s hand, Evelyn uttered each word carefully, “Could you forgive me, please?”

Considering how guilty and thoughtful Evelyn was, Vivian did not know how to react to her. “It’s all right. Why would I blame you for anything?”

“I know you won’t get mad at me.” Evelyn grinned and sat even closer to Vivian. “I wasn’t wrong about you.”

“Ouch!” exclaimed Vivian with a frown as she felt the pain from her foot. When Evelyn tried to squeeze in closer, she unknowingly kicked Vivian’s wounded foot.

“What’s wrong?” Evelyn was astonished to see the minor injuries on Vivian’s foot. “How did you get injured?”

“It’s okay.” Vivian forced a smile and shook her head.

Vivian had been withstanding the extreme pain and pressure from her foot injury. Since quite some time had passed without getting proper treatment, her foot had suffered from severe swelling. The fact that she was wearing a pair of high heels did not help to relief her injury.

Everything happened in a chaos. She could not walk barefooted so she was left without a choice but to put on the shoe. As a result, her foot was badly blistered.

Finnick took notice of her wounds. Knitting his brows, he hurriedly knelt down before her and gently removed her shoe.

Contrary to the tender loving movements of his hands, Finnick’s face was very serious and stern looking, with a tinge of imperceptible self-guilt.

He called upon the helper and ordered them to bring a basin of hot water and a towel.

Once the items arrived, he wrung the towel which had been soaked in hot water. Subsequently, he wiped off the dirt and blood stains from Vivian’s foot with care.

As he observed her foot which was now double its regular size and the striking bloodstains, Finnick was boiling with anger. Those people!

After a round of cleaning, he used a dry towel to wrap her foot. Standing up, he informed the Morrison siblings, “We’ll make a move now.” Finnick leaned over and carried Vivian to the door.

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