Never Late, Never Away Chapter 365

Witnessing how gentle Finnick was when he was dealing with Vivian’s wounds and the way he carried Vivian away without casting a gaze on others, Evelyn’s expression changed. She pinched her palm with her nails.

“Evelyn…” Benedict caught the resentment and indignation shown in her eyes. He reminded her, “Finnick is married.”

She smirked slightly upon hearing that.

“I miss you, Ben.” Turning around, Evelyn hugged her brother tightly just like old times.

When they reached home, Finnick put Vivian down on the sofa. He then went to the room to fetch the first-aid kit.

Dabbing a piece of cotton bud with alcohol, he carefully sanitized Vivian’s wound.

“Ouch!” Feeling the burning sensation triggered by the alcohol, Vivian flinched.

Finnick exerted some force while holding on to her ankle. He looked up and said, “Bear with it for a little bit more. The antiseptic is needed to prevent any possible infection.” His reply was filled with gentleness, love, and care.

His sweet action reminded her of how he hugged Evelyn and protected her when they were at the cemetery. For a moment, Vivian did not know if she should feel happy or sad.

After bandaging the wound, Finnick placed the first-aid kit on the coffee table and then sat beside Vivian.

“Let’s talk it out, Vivian.” He stared at her with a serious face. “I need to clear the air about…”

“I’m thirsty. I want to drink some water,” she interrupted him abruptly and then tried to get up and walk to the kitchen.

“I’ll get it for you. Stay here.” He signaled her to sit down and went to get her a glass of warm water.

Vivian accepted the glass. Bowing her head, she took a sip.

“Vivian, we…” Finnick spoke as soon as she finished her water.

However, she cut him off again. “Finnick, I want to take a shower first. I feel so uncomfortable and sweaty after being surrounded by the reporters just now.”

He looked at her suspiciously and answered, “Sure, I’ll help you since you’re injured.”

“It’s alright!” she rejected immediately. “I… I’ll be careful. Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”

“Let’s go.” He ignored her request. Bending down, he wanted to carry her.

“It’s really fine.” She moved his outstretched arm aside and said firmly, “I can do this myself.”

“I’ll carry you to the bathroom door.” Finnick caved in.


Once he carried her to the bathroom, he pulled a wooden stool over for her to sit on it. “Are you sure you’ll be fine on your own?” Finnick checked again as he was really worried for her.

“Yes,” she replied. He adjusted the water temperature for her before leaving the bathroom.

As soon as the door was shut, Vivian heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed her tensed up body. She stood still and stared blankly at her wounded foot for a while.

Similarly, Finnick fixed his gaze on the door and fell in a daze.

Both of them sank into deep thoughts individually, separated by a door.

After shower, Vivian realized that she did not have any change of clothes. Left with no choice, she came out in a towel.

She changed into her pajamas. To her surprise, Finnick was standing behind her when she turned around to close the cupboard door.

Her heart skipped a beat. She looked away and avoided eye contact with him.

What had to come would come eventually.

“Vivian, listen to me…”

“Finnick, I’m sleepy. Shall we go to bed?” She walked around him and headed to bed. She knew exactly what he wanted to tell her but she was not ready to listen, especially if it concerned that particular matter.

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