Never Late, Never Away Chapter 367

“Sorry… Finnick… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to fight with you… I was… I…” Vivian was all over the place.

“It’s all right. You don’t have to explain yourself. I understand.”

His comforting words made her burst into tears once more. I was too narrow-minded to quarrel with Finnick unreasonably due to some made-up stories.

His heart ached when he saw her bawling her eyes out. With love, he kissed her eyes with the intention to stop her tears from falling.

His kisses were as light as feather, falling gently on her eyes. Subconsciously, Vivian put her hands around his waist.

Kiss by kiss, he moved downward. The bitter tears she cried flowed through his lips and soften his heart.

He planted a kiss on her lips and it made him want more. He let his greediness took over as he slid his tongue into hers. Passionately, he channeled all of his affection for her into smooches.

Unlike her bashful self, Vivian was exceptionally passionate in responding to Finnick’s amorous advances. She directed all of her grievances, fears, and anxieties experienced recently into actions.

As their enthusiasm intensified, their bodies were glued to each other to satisfy their lustful desires. Finnick went underneath Vivian’s pajamas and repeatedly caressed her waist. He slowly moved his hand upward, looking for a sweet spot…

His cold hands made her moan softly as she tightened her grip on him.

Hmm.. Reluctantly, Finnick withdrew himself from her lips, leaned back and smirked.

Puzzled over his sudden inaction, her bleary eyes looked at him.

“Vivian,” he whispered into her ears, “I haven’t showered. Moreover, you have an injured foot.” His tone toward the end of the sentence demonstrated disappointment.

His words brought her back to reality. Realizing how passionate she was, Vivian’s face turned crimson red as if she was on fire.

Stabilizing her steps, she pushed him away. “Go take your shower!”

“Oh?” he teased her, “So fast? Do you want to join me in the shower?”

“Finnick! You…” She never knew how to respond each time he teased her. Beneath the reliable and trustworthy shell lies a naughty man.

“Okay, I’m going to shower now.” He stopped after seeing her sheepish reaction. He carried her to the bed and left a kiss on her forehead before heading out.

At the door, he suddenly turned to Vivian and said, “Please be patient Mrs. Norton, your husband will return soon.”

Vivian was rendered speechless.

“Argh!” As soon as Finnick left the room, Vivian buried her head in a pillow and let out a scream.

I was filled with rage at first, how did that emotion change into… Recalling the initiative she took, Vivian felt shy again. I’m sure he’s laughing at me right now.

Lying on the bed, she was visualizing how Finnick would make fun of her in the future. Blushing, she turned into a coquettish lady. The fear of Finnick leaving her for Evelyn had fully disappeared.

After some time, she grabbed her phone and clicked on Twitter.

Evelyn’s name was plastered all over her screen.

Ms. Morrison Escaped Death.

Who’s Finnick’s Pick?

The Reunion After A Decade.

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