Never Late, Never Away Chapter 368


Vivian tapped on a random hashtag to take a look. As she scrolled down, she was met with posts and pictures of Evelyn, Finnick, Benedict, and herself at the graveyard. In a photo, Evelyn was dressed in a white dress and wearing a smile that could make all heads turn instantly.

Some media personalities and social influencers even put her photo side by side with Evelyn to compare them both. Dedicated posts and write-ups about them could be seen.

The battle between the wife and the ex. The former girlfriend wins. An inquiry into Finnick’s change in his preference. Vivian is threatened by the return of Evelyn.

Each write-up was followed by millions of netizens’ comments and messages.

Want an updated version of the ugly duckling? Go and see the comparison between Vivian and Evelyn. LOL.

With such a gorgeous ex-girlfriend, how could Finnick stand Vivian’s face? Does he not feel nauseous?

That’s right. I’ll accept it if Finnick and Evelyn are an item, but Vivian… Oh my heart, how could you, Mr. Norton?

Damn it. If it wasn’t for the accident back then, Vivian wouldn’t stand a chance at all! I’m turning green with envy. Why wasn’t I the one who bumped into Finnick? I might not be as pretty as Evelyn, but I’m certainly better than Vivian.

Like this comment if you agree with me that Finnick and Vivian are like prince charming and the beast.

Upon reading the tweets, Vivian was trembling with rage. Are these people too free? What does my relationship with Finnick got to do with them? All they know is to hide behind their keyboards and be a crusader to harm others with their mean words.

Feeling upset, she chucked her phone aside.

Taking a few deep breaths, Vivian reminded herself. Finnick has just proclaimed that Evelyn is now his past tense. He likes me now. Vivian, you should believe Finnick and ignore what others have to say. Don’t be affected. Have you forgotten what happened the last time?

She pondered over the matter with introspect and retrospect. Gradually, she managed to calm herself down.

She took a glance at the phone which had been tossed to the edge of her bed. She crawled over slowly to reach for it, with the intention to switch it off and not read any more of those nonsense.

The moment she picked it up, a notification appeared on her screen. It was a photo of Finnick hugging Evelyn, all smiles while kissing her forehead. The title wrote, “Mr. Norton spends a hefty amount to throw girlfriend a romantic birthday party.”

Vivian continued reading and found out it was an old event where Finnick booked an entire restaurant to celebrate Evelyn’s birthday.

The floors were covered with rose petals. Bouquets of pink and red roses decorated the dining tables and windows. In addition, there was an enormous heart shape made out of 999 roses at the main hall of the restaurant.

The photo was taken in front of the heart-shaped rose bouquet. Back then, it was the talk of the town and even broadcast as an entertainment tabloid. The news resurfaced on the Internet again.

Finnick expressed his unconcealed love for Evelyn in the photo. Vivian thought that their smiles were like swords piercing through her heart. Waves of agony attacked her, causing her to stumble again.

Will Finnick forget about Evelyn thoroughly? Will her presence not have any impact on our lives as promised by Finnick?

She persuaded herself to have faith in Finnick. Yet, she was not a hundred percent confident of the answer.

The next few days, Vivian stayed home to recuperate. Finnick applied leave on her behalf because he did not allow her to go to work due to her foot injury.

Her daily life with Finnick returned to normal. They woke up together, washed up and had breakfast. Once Finnick was off to work, she would prepare his favorite meals for the evening.

Finnick had not mentioned Evelyn ever since. Therefore, Vivian would not bring it up too. They lived their days as if the other person had not existed.

Somehow, Vivian felt like it was the calm before a storm. Has everything ended?

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