Never Late, Never Away Chapter 369

One day, Evelyn called Vivian. Seeing her name appearing on the beeping phone, Vivian was at a loss, contemplating whether to answer it.

“Hello?” In the end, her finger pushed the button.

“Vivian, it’s me.” Evelyn’s sweet voice rang in her ears. “I’d like to go shopping today. Do you have time to come with me?”

“I…” Vivian wanted to decline but could not come up with an excuse. She was quite lousy at creating white lies. Should I tell her that I can’t because my foot still hurts?

“Oh ya, Vivian, how’s your foot now? If it’s not fully recovered yet, shall I visit you at your place?” Right when Vivian was debating which excuse to use, Evelyn took the lead and gave her a suggestion.

“No worries. My foot is completely healed.” Home belonged to both Finnick and Vivian so she did not want to welcome Evelyn into her private space.

“That’s great to hear. You must be bored staying at home. Let’s go out.” Evelyn continued to persuade her enthusiastically.

“Um… Okay.” As soon as she agreed, she wanted to beat herself up. Why didn’t I learn how to say no? I should just said I didn’t want to go instead.

“All right, I’ll send you the location. See you soon, bye!” Evelyn hung up.

She recalled her last shopping experience with Evelyn; how she picked out the clothes for her; the Blue Enchantress she brought along when visiting her at the hospital; the perfume she gifted her during their first interview…

Seems like she’s the root cause of all the arguments I have had with Finnick. Is her aim merely to go shopping with me this time? What’s her hidden agenda?

Unsure of Evelyn’s motive, Vivian reminded herself to be extra cautious when meeting her. It was not Vivian’s intention to treat Evelyn like a nemesis and be wary of her all the time. Having gone through episodes of unpleasant incidents, Vivian would rather trust her instinct that Evelyn was not as innocent as she looked.

She got herself ready and took a cab to their meeting place. From afar, she could spot Evelyn, who was sitting at an outdoor cafe.

“Over here, Vivian.” Evelyn waved.

Sitting opposite Evelyn, Vivian felt a little awkward. She felt uneasy when facing the former after the drama at the cemetery.

On the contrary, Evelyn portrayed a composed look and casually chatted with her. “You took a cab? Why didn’t Finnick drive you here?”

“He’s gone to work.” Vivian wanted to cringe as she mentioned Finnick’s name at the start of their conversation.

“Oh, I see.” Evelyn nodded. “He should have arranged for someone to drive you around. How could he be at ease when you go out alone?”

“No worries. I always go around reporting news. Where are we heading next?” Refusing to talk about Finnick, Vivian swiftly changed the topic.

Seemingly, Evelyn noticed how Vivian’s expression would change whenever she heard her uttering Finnick’s name. Evelyn asked directly, “Vivian, do you mind about my past with Finnick?”

Evelyn’s blatant question caught Vivian off guard.

“Don’t you worry, I’ll never be a homewrecker. Since you both are married, I won’t be a third wheel and get myself into the picture.

“Moreover, with my beauty and brains, I’m sure I can get any guy I like in the future,” Evelyn cracked a joke. “So, rest assured that I won’t interfere with your marriage albeit having a deep relationship with Finnick in the past. I’m a woman of class.”

“It’s good that you think that way.” Evelyn’s sincere expression made Vivian feel bad for doubting her. “I’m sure you’ll meet someone better who loves you more.”

“Of course!” Evelyn grinned from ear to ear. “Okay, that’s enough about him. We should let our hair down and paint the town red today. Is there anywhere special you’d like to go?”

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