Never Late, Never Away Chapter 37

Vivian’s heart sank.

Why does she have such detailed information about my Mom?

“What about it?” Her voice became colder.

“Don’t be like this, darling sister. After all, I’m very concerned about Ms. William too.” Ashley’s friendly tone was as fake as ever. “Hence, when I heard that Ms. William’s hospital fees are going to increase, I was worried sick. I keep thinking about how I can help you.”

Ashley wants to help me?

Vivian coldly scoffed, “How do you want to help me?”

“I know a friend who runs a magazine company. They’re in need of manpower now. Also, they have really attractive employee benefits.” Ashley finally revealed her objective in calling Vivian. “Since you’re so talented, you’ll definitely be treated better if you join her company instead.”

Vivian finally understood.

After beating around the bush, Ashley simply wanted her out of Glamour Magazine.

The reason was obvious—it was because of Fabian.

Having figured out Ashley’s intentions, Vivian could not help but mock, “Ashley, are you so concerned about me and Fabian?”

Vivian’s words were so brutally straightforward that Ashley paled.

Biting her rosy lip, she still replied in a sweet voice, “What are you talking about, Vivian? Why should I be worried about you? You’re just a married woman who has sold her body for money.”

Vivian’s face stiffened.

She’s saying such cruel and harsh words in such a disgustingly sweet tone. This is totally like Ashley.

Vivian’s voice turned frosty. “Ashley, regardless of what your intentions in introducing this job to me are, I will not accept the job.”

She understood Ashley all too well. If she actually joined the new magazine company, she would not be treated well at all. In fact, she would fall right into Ashley’s grasp and be tormented by her.

Upon hearing Vivian’s firm rejection, Ashley started to feel humiliated. A hint of fury finally crept into her voice as she yelled, “Vivian! You ungrateful and rude b*tch!”

“Oh my! Your embarrassment has morphed into anger so quickly!” scoffed Vivian. “Don’t worry. I’m not interested in Fabian at all, so you don’t need to be so paranoid.”

Ashley was so furious that she wanted to scream out loud!

What do you mean you’re not interested?

Vivian, you b*tch! You’re very skilled at playing hard to get, huh?

“Vivian!” Now that things had come to this, Ashley could not be bothered to put on an act anymore. “I’m warning you. Leave the magazine company! Otherwise, I’ll teach you a lesson!”

Vivian scoffed in contempt. “Teach me a lesson? Ashley, what can you even do to me?”

What can I do to you?

On the other side, Ashley’s lips suddenly curved into a ruthless smirk. “I can make you suffer so badly that you wish for death.”

Ashley’s voice was extremely sweet, yet there was a vicious note in it. Vivian could not help but feel a chill run down her spine.

However, she impatiently snapped, “Do what you want! Anyway, I need my job. Also, I am completely uninterested in your fiancé!”

With that, she hung up the call, not wanting to entertain Ashley anymore.

When Ashley heard the busy tone on the phone, her pretty face twisted in fury.


I gave you a chance to save yourself! Since it’s your fault for not taking it, don’t blame me for this.

Ashley quickly picked up her phone and dialed a number.

“Hi, it’s me.” Ashley’s voice was laced with menace. “Send all the photos. Yes, send them to Fabian. Be careful. Don’t let anyone find out where they’re sent from.”

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