Never Late, Never Away Chapter 370

“I’m fine with anything, I’ll just listen to you.” Vivian didn’t want to continue talking to Evelyn about Finnick.

“If that’s the case,” Evelyn paused, “Let’s go to the mall where Finnick usually accompanies me to and have a look. What do you think?”

Vivian’s expression, which had just eased up a bit, instantly darkened again. What exactly is Evelyn trying to say?

Evelyn didn’t seem to notice Vivian’s obvious change in expression and continued, “In the past, Finnick used to worry that I would be bored at home and didn’t want me to go out alone, so he usually goes out with me often. By the way, Vivian, where do you and Finnick usually go? Can you take me there later? I haven’t been back in so many years that I almost forgot what the city looks like.”

A sense of disappointment flashed across Vivian’s face when she heard Evelyn mention that Finnick used to accompany her to the mall, then she replied casually, “Finnick is very busy and he has a lot to deal with at the company, so we rarely go out.”

“What? He doesn’t usually go out with you?” Evelyn was shocked. “How can Finnick treat you this way? He used to have time for his girlfriend, but now he doesn’t have time for his wife? Is the company’s business more important than you? Vivian, don’t worry, I’ll definitely find an opportunity to help you teach him a lesson in the future.”

Even though Evelyn had an indignant look on her face, her tone was one that was gloating and her eyes were scornful as she looked at Vivian. Hmph, and here I was wondering how much Finnick likes you.

Even if Vivian was a fool, she understood what Evelyn meant. She wasn’t asking her to go shopping, she was just here to show her that Finnick and her deep connection could not be matched by Vivian.

“No need, Finnick treats me quite well.” Since Vivian preferred not to have a fall out with others, she replied back to Evelyn in a somewhat calm manner, but her tone was rather cold.

“Is that so?” Evelyn looked at Vivian suspiciously and asked, clearly not believing what she had just said. “Vivian, you don’t have to deceive yourself and others, although Finnick and I are… But don’t worry, I will not interfere with your relationship.”

At that point, Vivian was about to explode in rage from within. What does she mean by deceiving myself and others? Also, what was she going to say about Finnick and her? Is she trying to say that Finnick still likes her? I’m really pissed off now, why did I promise Evelyn to come out today? And I thought I’ve misunderstood her earlier.

Vivian did not want to continue talking to Evelyn further. Even though she wanted to turn around and leave, her personality prevented her from doing so. As Vivian was thinking of an excuse to leave, a text message beeped from her cell phone in her bag.

When she took out her phone and read it, it was a text message from mobile customer service informing her that her phone credit balance was low.

Vivian thought for a moment and said to Evelyn, “I’ve just received a message from the magazine company saying that I have a few urgent matters to attend to. I’ll make a move now.

As soon as she said that, Vivian picked up her bag, stood up and was ready to leave.

“Don’t leave, Vivian,” Evelyn told her when she saw her leaving, while she immediately jumped up and grabbed Vivian’s arm. “I’ve only met you after a long time, what is so important that you have to go back? Why don’t I give Mr. Norton a call and request a day off for you? I should be able to get that favor from him.”

Vivian was at a loss for what to do as she pulled her hands away from Evelyn’s grip. There was no way she could allow Evelyn to call Fabian.

“Then, I’ll call my colleagues and let them know.” Vivian paused for a moment, then turned around and walked two steps away, pretending to make a phone call to one of her colleagues.

As Evelyn stared back at Vivian who was standing not far away, she snorted contemptuously. What a lousy lie, this woman is so stupid. I wonder why Finnick chose her in the first place.

About two or three minutes later, Vivian returned and said, “Let’s go, I’ve already spoken to them.”

“Ah, alright.” Evelyn smiled and held onto Vivian’s arm as they proceeded forward.

Vivian’s body stiffened in response to Evelyn’s intimate move as it was impossible for her to shake her off directly.

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