Never Late, Never Away Chapter 371

While Vivian slightly jerked her arm, Evelyn grinned brightly and held her arm tighter instead. Those who didn’t know would definitely think they were good friends. Vivian could only let Evelyn hold on to her as she liked.

When they arrived at the mall, Evelyn did not encourage Vivian to buy clothes like she did last time. Instead, Evelyn walked around trying on pieces by herself and bought a lot of clothes.

When Evelyn tried on clothes, Vivian helped her carry her bag and the bags of clothes she had already purchased. With both hands full, Vivian followed behind her as if she were her maid.

Upon arriving at a new shop, Evelyn spotted another light blue strapless dress and went to the fitting room to try it on. Vivian, on the other hand, was exhausted as she sat in the resting area to wait for her.

When Evelyn finished changing and came out, she spun around and looked at herself in the mirror gratifyingly.

“Miss, the color of this dress matches your skin tone and shows off your figure. It looks really good on you.” The shop assistant next to her praised her ingratiatingly.

“Yup I know.” Evelyn liked the dress too and her smile widened when she heard the praise from the shop assistant.

After looking at herself in the fitting mirror a second time, Evelyn glared at Vivian who was sitting on a sofa in the resting area.

As the shop assistant followed Evelyn’s glare, she thought Evelyn was worried that they wouldn’t be able to carry any more bags.

As the two of them walked into the shop earlier, she noticed the lady, who was currently sitting in the resting area, carrying lots of bags, and it seemed like she had no ability to carry any more.

“Miss, you don’t have to worry, it’s possible for us to deliver your purchase to your home, you can just leave your address later. As for the clothes you bought earlier, we will deliver them to you as well,” the shop assistant said thoughtfully.

However, Evelyn flatly refused, “There’s no need for that, I like this dress very much and I want to wear it immediately when I am home. I don’t want to wait for you to send it over.”

“Miss, it won’t take much time. We can arrange delivery for you right now and it should be delivered by the time you arrive home. You definitely won’t need to wait too long for it.” The shop assistant smiled as she explained to Evelyn.

Evelyn didn’t expect this shop assistant to be so talkative as she replied while her face darkened, “I said there’s no need.”

The shop assistant did not expect the customer to be so agitated by her thoughtful gesture and responded. “Sorry miss, I understand.”

“Bring over another dress that is exactly like this one.” Evelyn’s tone was impatient as she instructed the shop assistant who was then somewhat puzzled by Evelyn’s request.

Under normal circumstances, a customer would not buy two of the same high end custom-made dress.

Even though she was a bit confused, the shop assistant still brought another piece of Evelyn’s dress as requested. After all, “The customer is always right.” Moreover, it would be advantageous for her if Evelyn were to buy two pieces because she would get more bonuses this month.

After the shop assistant handed the dress over to her, Evelyn walked over to Vivian.

“Vivian, do you think this dress looks good?” Evelyn pointed at the dress she was wearing.

Yes, it looks good on you. It suits you well,” Vivian replied.

“Would you like to try it on too? I think this dress suits you as well, and how about we buy the same outfit? I always wanted a sister ever since I was a child, so that we could dress the same.” Evelyn handed the dress to Vivian.

“Me?” Vivian didn’t know what Evelyn’s intentions were. Then she shook her head and said, “I don’t think this dress suits me.”

“We won’t know if the clothes fit until we try them on. Go ahead and try it on.” Evelyn pulled Vivian up and ushered her towards the changing room.

After being dragged into the dressing room by Evelyn, Vivian was forced to change into the dress she had handed her.

Evelyn lavishly praised Vivian in an exaggerated manner as soon as she came out. “Wow, Vivian. You look even prettier than I do in that outfit. I can’t help but feel that the design around the waist area of this dress is a bit high for me, but for someone of your height, it is just right!”

“Really?” Vivian asked doubtfully while looking at Evelyn in the fitting mirror. That dress accentuated Evelyn’s slim and gorgeous waistline, and the hollow lace part in the middle even exposed her beautiful curvy waist. Seeing that she looked breathtaking in it, Vivian wasn’t sure what she was complaining about.

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