Never Late, Never Away Chapter 372

As for her, she didn’t look as good standing next to Evelyn.

Evelyn affirmed once more, “You look prettier than me in that.” Then she turned her head and asked the shop assistant, “Don’t you think so?”

After hearing Evelyn’s question, the shop assistant smiled awkwardly and wasn’t sure what to say. In terms of appearance or figure, the second lady isn’t as good as the first. This is, of course, assuming they are to be compared. While this second lady is also very beautiful, the style and color of this dress don’t really suit her. Not only does she not look as good as the first lady who wore it earlier, but she also gives off a strange vibe. Even though I wish to sell as many clothes as I could, if I were to give a fake compliment, I’m afraid she wouldn’t believe me either.

When Vivian looked at the shop assistant, who only smiled awkwardly and did not answer Evelyn’s question, she immediately understood her meaning and blushed.

Even though Vivian was wearing the same clothes as Evelyn, when she looked into the fitting mirror, she was completely overshadowed by Evelyn, which made her look inferior to Evelyn in every way.

“Hey, I’m asking you, why aren’t you saying anything?” It appeared as if Evelyn was complaining to the shop assistant, but actually she was giving her thumbs up from within. Although the shop assistant was startled earlier, she now understood that her silence was more appreciated.

Once Vivian saw Evelyn’s smug face, she understood why she had to try the dress on herself. Evelyn just wanted her to make a fool of herself.

“I do not like this dress, so I am going to change.” After saying that, Vivian did not even look at Evelyn and went directly into the dressing room.

After Vivian changed into her own clothes, she felt anger rising from within as she looked at the blue dress. What’s the point of making fun of me? This isn’t funny at all!

However, Vivian’s anger morphed into aggravation and low self-esteem when she recalled standing beside Evelyn in the same clothes previously.

Did Evelyn do this to make herself realize the differences between them? If that was the case, Vivian had to admit that she had succeeded in doing so as she felt in her heart that it was impossible to be better than Evelyn.

After sulking in the changing room for a while, Vivian walked straight out of the shop without saying a word to Evelyn.

No matter how patient I am, I would be angry after what had happened. Since I know Evelyn’s real intentions, there’s no need for me to pretend and be nice to her anymore. It would be better for me to walk away unhesitatingly.

Evelyn didn’t care about Vivian’s attitude, since her objective had already been accomplished.

Evelyn, who was beaming with satisfaction, pointed to the clothes Vivian had just changed out of and said to the shop assistant, “Wrap this up for me and I’ll just wear the one I have on. I’ll go and pay later.”

“Alright, please wait a moment.” After replying politely, the shop assistant took Evelyn’s clothes and turned to walk towards the counter.

“Wait a minute.” Seeing the large bags that Vivian had left at the resting area, Evelyn pointed at them and said, “Wrap those up for me too, and deliver them directly to my house later. I’ll give you the address now.”

“Alright.” As the shop assistant replied respectfully, she took out a paper and a pen from the pocket of her work clothes and handed them to Evelyn.

After watching the entire scene unfold, she already understood what was going on. It’s no wonder that she was annoyed when the shop assistant said she could deliver the goods then, probably because she wanted to intentionally make things difficult for the lady who had just walked away.

Even though she had a bad impression of this beautiful lady, she couldn’t say anything more as it wasn’t her business. Therefore, it was better for her to just continue doing her job.

Vivian returned home to find Finnick already home from work, watching the evening news on the couch in the living room.

“Didn’t I forbid you from going out? Your foot hasn’t fully healed yet, so you shouldn’t be going out.” Finnick took Vivian’s hand and sat beside her.

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