Never Late, Never Away Chapter 373

“My foot is fine.” Hearing Finnick’s concerned tone, Vivian’s heart warmed and her mood instantly improved.

“Where did you go today, why do you look so unhappy?” Finnick stroked Vivian’s hair and asked a little curiously after seeing her in such a foul mood.

“I went shopping with Evelyn today,” Vivian lowered her head as she murmured. She did not want to mention Evelyn’s name in front of Finnick but she also did not want to lie to him either.

With Vivian telling Finnick that she had gone out with Evelyn and seeing her unhappy face when she returned earlier, he assumed that there might have been a disagreement between the ladies and it was probably related to him.

Finnick pondered for a moment whether he should speak to Vivian about that incident. If he did, he was afraid that she would be angry like last time. If he didn’t, he was afraid that she would be even angrier if she found out.

As he remained silent, Vivian looked up at Finnick apprehensively and noticed he looked rather perplexed.

“What’s wrong? Is there something you want to talk to me about?” Vivian asked.

“Well…” Finnick paused for a moment and looked at Vivian a little worriedly, “There is something I think I should tell you about, just don’t be angry.”

“Why would I be angry?” Vivian looked at Finnick confusedly as she tried to figure out what he wanted to tell her.

“It’s about Evelyn.” Finnick said to Vivian after a moment of hesitation.

After hearing Finnick mentioning Evelyn’s name, Vivian felt a sinking feeling in her heart, and her eyes were full of unease as she looked at him. “What… happened to Evelyn?”

Finnick tightened his grip on her hand as he said, “Elaine was responsible for a design for our company previously. I had never met Elaine nor did I know she was Evelyn, so I accepted the collaboration. During the contract signing, the other party requested to discuss the design directly with the president of Finnor Group, and it seemed to me at the time that the designer just wanted to guarantee the quality of her work, so I agreed without thinking too much about it. Now that the contract has been signed, I cannot back out. So maybe in the next few days or weeks, Evelyn and I will have some interactions at work. Vivian, I was afraid you would be angry if you knew about it, which is why I was thinking of hiding it from you previously. However, I decided that it would be better to talk to you about it instead.”

Vivian remained silent for some time after hearing Finnick’s words. She trusted Finnick. Additionally, if he wanted to have a relationship with Evelyn, he wouldn’t have told her about it. Besides, Finnick wasn’t a womanizer.

Evelyn’s attitude today, however, told her that she had not truly forgotten Finnick. It was very likely that she still liked him and wanted to be with him again.

“Can’t you break the contract?” Vivian asked after a long silence. The idea of Evelyn and Finnick working together did not appeal to her at all.

Finnick was shocked by Vivian’s words.

Vivian had never inquired about his company’s affairs and had always acted with integrity, therefore he didn’t expect that she would propose for him to break the contract this time. It seemed that Evelyn’s appearance had really bothered her.

Finnick carefully explained to Vivian, “As a result of breaking the contract, the company would have to pay a large amount in liquidated damages, and the board of directors would not agree. We chose Elaine because her design was outstanding among the competitors, and it will have a huge impact on the company’s performance in the coming year. It was chosen by the entire board of directors after a thorough selection process, and it isn’t something I can dismiss on my own. This is just work and I won’t do anything with Evelyn, can you trust me?”

Finnick asked Vivian softly.

Vivian couldn’t say anything more after hearing Finnick say that. It was indeed somewhat excessive of her to ask Finnick to break the contract.

“When will you start working together then?”

“There will be a meeting tomorrow to discuss the details of the design proposal.”

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