Never Late, Never Away Chapter 374

“Alright, I understand.” Vivian uttered in a low voice, then remained silent.

Seeing that Vivian was clearly upset, Finnick did not know what to say to comfort her. Hence, he pulled her into his arms and gently patted her back.

Vivian also knew that Finnick felt helpless, but she didn’t understand why Evelyn kept appearing in their lives.

It was a sleepless night for Vivian that night as she tossed and turned in bed. Vivian turned to look at Finnick who was already asleep. She wanted to touch his face but was afraid of waking him up, so she retracted her hand and just looked at him quietly.

Since Finnick was right beside her, she could reach out and touch him. However, would Finnick always be by her side like he was now?

As Vivian reflected on how dull she looked when she and Evelyn stood side by side in the shop today, she couldn’t help but feel heavily threatened. Will I be able to keep Finnick by my side since I can’t even compare to Evelyn?

The next day, Finnick got up early for work and it was time for Vivian to go back to work at the magazine company as well.

Finnick had requested a week’s leave from the magazine company on her behalf due to her foot injury. Now that her foot was almost healed, it was time for her to go back to work.

However, after thinking about how Finnick and Evelyn would meet, talk, and discuss work together today, Vivian’s was still very uneasy. Since she was feeling so disoriented, she couldn’t bring herself to go to work. Thus, she called Fabian and told him that she would like to take another day off.

Fabian guessed that Vivian was in a foul mood because she had probably read the news about Evelyn’s unexpected return, which was trending on the internet a few days earlier. In addition, Finnick had also called to inform him regarding Vivian’s injury previously. Hence, he agreed to it without any hesitation.

“Take a good rest first, you don’t need to come to work in such a hurry. You shouldn’t take the news on the internet to heart either, it’s all in the past. Moreover, I think that you are much better than Evelyn, and I believe Finnick feels the same way, so don’t worry,” Fabian comforted Vivian.

“Alright, I understand, thank you Fabian.” His words and affirmation had truly comforted Vivian from within.

“I’ll go back to work tomorrow. That’s all for now. Um, alright, goodbye then.” A few more words were exchanged between her and Fabian, who told her to take good care of herself. After assuring him she was fine, she hung up.

While sitting on the sofa, she turned on the TV and kept changing the channels with the remote control as she couldn’t pay attention to any of it. Vivian turned around and walked into Finnick’s study after turning off the TV, thinking that she might be able to find some books to read since there wasn’t anything she could watch on the TV.

The only way she would be able to stop overthinking was if she did something.

Having found some magazines in Finnick’s study, Vivian sat at his work desk and flipped through them. However, after a while, she couldn’t continue staring at the magazines because the words started jumbling up and it was impossible for her to understand what the words were saying.

After she put away the magazine, Vivian closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. I need to trust Finnick. If he says that he will not have any feelings for Evelyn, then he would definitely not do so…

Then she opened her eyes and continued flipping through the magazine in her hand. Soon after, the door to the study suddenly opened and Vivian saw Mrs. Filder walking in.

“What’s the matter, Mrs. Filder?” Finnick had always cleaned the study himself because he was afraid Mrs. Filder would accidentally mess up his documents when she cleaned. What is Mrs. Filder doing in here at this time?

The housemaid replied with a smile, “Mrs. Norton, so you are in the study, I was just thinking why I didn’t see you in the living room just now. Mr. Norton phoned earlier and said that he forgot to bring along a file which was sitting on the desk, so he asked me to send it to him.”

After hearing that, Vivian searched on the desk and found a red folder sitting next to the computer, “Is this it?” Vivian picked up the folder and handed it to Mrs. Filder.

“I think so, Mr. Norton said that it’s a red folder that is placed right next to the computer. This should be it.” After Mrs. Filder received the folder from Vivian, she wasn’t quite sure if it was the right one, but thought it couldn’t be wrong.

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