Never Late, Never Away Chapter 375

“Then I’ll send it over to Mr. Norton first, he said that he needs it urgently for a meeting.” Having said that, Mrs. Filder turned around and left the study.

“Hey Mrs. Filder, wait a minute!” Vivian called out to the housemaid who had just left the study. “I’ll go and deliver it to Finnick instead since I’m more familiar with the directions to his company. It’ll be quicker that way.”

“If that’s the case, alright then.” Thinking that she really wasn’t familiar with Finnick’s company, Mrs. Filder responded, “Then Mrs. Norton, you should hurry up, Mr. Norton sounded rather anxious over the phone earlier.”

“Yes, alright.” After she replied Mrs. Filder, Vivian ran to the bedroom and put on a jacket, then she rushed out of the house hurriedly.

Shortly after that, Vivian reached Finnick’s company in a cab.

“Finnick forgot to bring some documents and I’m here to deliver them.” Vivian explained to the company’s receptionist briefly.

“Alright, that’s the president’s personal lift, you can just take that one up.” The receptionist could instantly recognize that she was the president’s wife as she pointed towards the lift and let her in immediately.

“The president’s ex-girlfriend went up earlier and now his wife rushed here all of a sudden, what’s happening?” The receptionist and her female colleague, who was next to her, whispered as they watched Vivian wait for the lift.

“Didn’t she say that she was here to deliver some documents?” The female colleague also heard what Vivian said earlier.

“Are you daft? Do you really believe that? She’s clearly here to catch them in action. Woah! The battle between the ex-girlfriend and the wife. I can imagine how crazy it’ll be just by thinking about it!” The receptionist said excitedly while her face lit up.

They thought their whispers were soft but in actual fact, they were so exhilarated that they raised their volume without realizing it. After all, it was rare to come across such a huge scandal.

Vivian was standing not far from them, so she could faintly hear what they were saying and began to grip the document tightly. Is Evelyn really upstairs now?

Vivian walked anxiously into the lift after the door opened. While watching the floor numbers change, Vivian became more and more nervous. She was trying to come up with an explanation for her visit if she were to see Finnick and Evelyn together later.

It was true that she wasn’t comfortable knowing that Finnick and Evelyn were together, hence she delivered the document on behalf of Mrs. Filder. In that case, it certainly sounded like she was trying to catch them in action.

Will Finnick misunderstand me and think that I don’t trust him? What if he gets angry? As she stood in the lift, Vivian got caught up in her own thoughts.

Vivian arrived at Finnick’s office shortly after but she did not see him there. Instead, she saw Noah sitting on one side.

“Mrs. Norton, what brings you here?” Noah hurriedly got up when he saw Vivian walking in.

I am here to deliver some documents to Finnick that he had forgotten.” Vivian handed the documents to Noah, then she asked, “Where is Finnick?”

“Mr. Norton is having a meeting in the conference room. He’ll come up after he’s done.” Noah flipped through the documents in his hands and made sure they were the right ones before saying, “Mrs. Norton, please wait while I send the documents to them.”

“Yes, alright. Please go ahead.” Vivian’s heart let out a sigh of relief when she didn’t see Finnick and Evelyn.

Noah received a phone call as soon as he walked to the door.

“What did you say?” Immediately after answering the call, Noah’s face changed dramatically as he yelled over the phone, “Hurry up and inform the maintenance department to send people there! Quick!”

Noah bolted after hanging up the phone.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing Noah in such a panic, Vivian immediately chased after him and asked him.

Just as if he remembered Vivian was also there, Noah turned around anxiously and said to her, “Mr. Norton is in trouble!”

“What happened to Finnick?” After hearing that something had happened to him, Vivian asked Noah worriedly.

Noah tried to straighten himself out as he said, “After the meeting, Mr. Norton and Evelyn were on their way up here. However, the lift they were riding in suddenly broke down and now the both of them are trapped in there.”

“Why is this happening?” As Vivian heard about Finnick being trapped in the lift, she immediately remembered those lift crashes she had read about in the news.

Furthermore, she had covered such news before and she knew that if the situation worsens, it could be life-threatening! Please don’t let anything bad happen to Finnick!

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