Never Late, Never Away Chapter 376

“What should we do now?” The more Vivian thought about it, the more panicked she became. She didn’t know what she could do at that time.

“I’ve already asked the maintenance department to go over. Don’t panic yet, Mrs. Norton, as it could just be a small matter. Mr. Norton will be fine.” As Noah realized his overly anxious tone might have scared Vivian earlier, he remained calm and comforted her. “Let’s go over and see what’s going on,” he said.

“Alright.” Vivian followed Noah from behind as they rushed downstairs.

The maintenance department’s technician was already there when they arrived at the location.

“What is going on?” Noah asked the maintenance technician anxiously.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Lotte, it’s not a serious problem. It’s because the lift’s leveling sensor malfunctioned and triggered other safety switches, that’s why the lift made an emergency stop and got stuck between two floors,” the maintenance technician explained. “We have already taken the necessary measures so it’s basically pretty safe. However, we might need more time.”

“How long would you need?”

“Around three hours.”

“That’s really long!” When Vivian heard that it would take so long, she couldn’t help but worry. “Will something bad happen?”

“Though it will take three hours, there will be enough air in the lift for two people to breathe, so there shouldn’t be any problems. We will try our best to shorten the rescue time, so don’t worry.”

As the maintenance technician reassured them that everything would be fine, Vivian and Noah felt a slight relief.

However, Vivian’s heart sank at the thought of Finnick and Evelyn being alone in the lift for three hours.

I must trust Finnick, I have to trust Finnick… Vivian reminded herself repeatedly as she waited anxiously by the lift.

At the same time, both Finnick and Evelyn remained silent in the lift.

After the lift abruptly stopped, Evelyn instantly panicked and was worried that something might happen to her. As for Finnick, he calmly contacted the emergency number and told the maintenance technician outside about the situation inside the lift.

After explaining the precautions to them, the technician informed them that the problem was not serious and that they weren’t in a danger. Hence, they would be able to get out of the lift in no time.

After Finnick hung up the call in the lift, he turned to Evelyn and said, “Everything’s fine, we will be able to get out very soon.” After that, he stopped talking and waited quietly by the side for help.

After hearing that it wasn’t a dangerous situation, Evelyn was able to feel more relaxed. Evelyn thought to herself as she stared at Finnick, It seems like this is an opportunity given by God.

Evelyn had also tried contacting Finnick to ask him out since they last met at the cemetery, however, he would come up with different excuses to reject her every time.

Finnick would never have met her if she hadn’t deliberately added a clause to the contract when she took on this design project, that she would discuss the design with the president of Finnor Group.

Logically speaking, Finnick had thought she was dead for many years, but now that she was back alive, he should be very happy. How could he be so indifferent instead? She couldn’t understand that at all.

Evelyn would not believe it if it was because Finnick had forgotten about her. Otherwise, he would not have been so protective of her at the cemetery. Furthermore, he even won back the pen he gave her for a very high price at the auction.

Regardless of everything, Finnick belongs to me and only me! As for Vivian, I’ll make her leave Finnick on her own accord eventually.

“Finnick, have you been well after all these years?” Seeing that Finnick had not been speaking, Evelyn had no choice but to break the silence herself.

“Quite well.” Finnick remained mute after saying that.

“Have you ever blamed me for not finding you all these years, Finnick?”

Finnick glanced at Evelyn with a puzzled look. “Didn’t you lose your memory?” he asked.

“Yes. Otherwise, I would have come to you sooner,” Evelyn replied a little anxiously.

Finnick nodded and stopped talking.

Evelyn’s eyes were filled with disappointment since Finnick had never looked at her or continued the conversation except for taking a short glance at her earlier.

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