Never Late, Never Away Chapter 378

“It’s done!” After letting a long sigh of relief, the maintenance technician wiped the sweat off his forehead and quickly opened the door to the lift that was shut tightly.

Once the lift door had been opened, Vivian rushed forward in haste as she prayed that Finnick would be fine and nothing bad would happen to him.

In the seconds following the opening of the lift door, Vivian saw a silhouette streak past her. When she looked again, she only saw a lady’s bag in the empty lift. Evelyn and Finnick were nowhere to be found.

“Hurry up and contact the hospital for an ambulance!” After hearing Finnick’s voice from behind, Vivian turned around and saw him striding towards the corner of the stairs with Evelyn who was already unconscious.

Vivian’s heart sank when she saw Finnick leave with Evelyn in his arms and he didn’t even glance at her after exiting the lift.

However, she thought that Evelyn’s condition must be very critical since she had passed out, so it was only normal for Finnick to attend to her. Even if it wasn’t Evelyn, she believed Finnick would do the same. Vivian felt slightly better at the thought of that, then ran after Finnick hurriedly.

However, when she got downstairs, she saw that Finnick had already followed the ambulance and left. As Vivian was wondering how to get to the hospital, she saw Noah drive out of the parking lot.

“Noah!” Vivian yelled while running in Noah’s direction.

Noah turned his car around immediately upon hearing Vivian’s voice and stopped his vehicle next to her. Then he peeked out of the window and asked, “What’s the matter, Mrs. Norton?”

“Do you know which hospital Finnick and Evelyn went to? Can you send me there?” Vivian asked anxiously.

“I just happen to be heading there at this very moment. Get in the car, Mrs. Norton.” When Vivian got into the car, Noah raced to the hospital.

Vivian’s face turned pale and her stomach churned as she was frightened by Noah’s driving speed. However, she held in her discomfort and did not say anything because she wanted to arrive at the hospital as soon as possible.

They made it to the hospital in just a short while. After getting out of the car, Vivian felt a sudden burst of dizziness and almost fell to the ground.

Noah immediately held her the moment he saw that. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Norton. I was in such a hurry earlier.”

“It’s alright.” Vivian responded with a tight smile. After Noah helped Vivian regain composure for a while and her dizziness was gone, the both of them entered the hospital.

As Vivian spoke to the nurse in the hospital, she discovered that Evelyn had been taken to the operating room for surgery. Upon following the nurse’s directions, she immediately found the operating room.

At that time, Finnick was sitting on a chair in the corridor outside the operating room. When Finnick saw Vivian running over, he stood up and grabbed hold of her.

As soon as Vivian was able to stand still, Finnick frowned at her and asked, “Why are you running so fast? Why is your face so pale?”

“I…” Vivian didn’t know how to explain the anxiety she was feeling from within. In fact, she wasn’t sure why she was in such a hurry to go to the hospital too.

“How’s Evelyn?” Vivian changed the topic and inquired about Evelyn’s health instead.

He grabbed onto Vivian’s shoulders and sat her down next to him. “Her respiratory tract and heart are very weak due to the fire that occurred previously. This time, she was trapped in the elevator for quite a while, so she may have passed out from lack of oxygen and breathing difficulties.”

“She will not be in danger then, will she?” Vivian asked nervously. Despite Vivian seeing Evelyn as a rival in love and not liking her very much as a person, she still hoped that Evelyn was safe.

“She mentioned before that her condition is inveterate, so she shouldn’t be in any danger.” Finnick wasn’t sure either.

In silence, both of them waited for the surgery to end.

“By the way, has Benedict been notified?” The thought suddenly occurred to Vivian. As Benedict was Evelyn’s only relative, he should be informed to come quickly.

Finnick nodded and said, “I have asked Noah to inform him, he should be here anytime soon…”

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