Never Late, Never Away Chapter 38

After hanging up the call, Ashley was still fuming as she painted her nails red. In her anger, she jammed the brush against her nail.

Even till now, she could still remember the first time she met Fabian.

Fabian always assumed that their first encounter was during the banquet half a year ago. Yet, he was oblivious to the fact that she had already met him three years ago.

It was at Z College. Back then, she and her friends had visited H City for fun. Her father instructed her to bring some things for Vivian. Although she was reluctant to do so, she still obeyed him as she needed to seem like an obedient daughter.

It was then that she coincidentally saw Vivian together with Fabian.

She could recall clearly that it was a beautiful, sunny day. Fabian was riding a bicycle, while Vivian sat behind him. He was wearing a white blouse, looking like a prince who had come straight out of the fairy tales.

The moment she laid eyes on him, she was attracted by him.

Although that encounter was brief, and both Vivian and Fabian probably had no impression of it, but that was deeply engraved in her mind.

After returning home, she specially hired someone to investigate her sister’s boyfriend. Only then did she get a huge shock.

Surprisingly, Vivian’s boyfriend, whom she described as a poor student relying on financial aid to attend college, was actually the grandson of the Norton family!

After discovering this, Ashley was over the moon!

She knew that with her taste in men, it was impossible for her to fall in love with a poor bloke. Certainly, the person she liked must be an extraordinary man!

From then on, she was determined to marry Fabian and no one else.

Unfortunately, Fabian only had eyes for Vivian.

She still recalled the occasional times Vivian visited the Millers. When she received Fabian’s call, there was always this sickeningly blissful expression on her face.

Similarly, she had also snuck to Z College to steal a glimpse of Fabian. She could never forget Fabian’s affectionate face whenever he looked at Vivian.

Indeed, she must admit that she was overcome by jealousy.

She was actually jealous of Vivian—that crude, unrefined and illegitimate daughter of the Millers!

Although she despised Vivian since young, it mostly stemmed out of disdain. It was because she never thought that Vivian could compare up to her.

Yet, never in a million years would she imagine herself being jealous of Vivian.

This marked the start of her hatred for Vivian.

Hence, she orchestrated the incident two years ago. Her aim was to force Fabian to never love this dirty, illegitimate daughter again.

She always thought that she had succeeded. Fabian broke up with Vivian, returned to the Norton family and went abroad to A Nation—just like what someone from a wealthy family should do. As planned, she met him there, started dating him and even got engaged.

Everything was going according to her plan. However, when they returned to Sunshine City, everything changed.

Fabian actually became Vivian’s direct superior. Was it a coincidence or a deliberate move by Fabian?

After the few encounters and the business trip, she was truly afraid.

Hence, she had no choice but to unleash her trump card.

Vivian, I’ll make it impossible for you to ever be with Fabian!

Monday arrived. After Vivian woke up and was prepared to go downstairs for breakfast, she received an unexpected call from the hospital.

“What?” Vivian stopped in the middle of the staircase. “Ten thousand? Do you need it urgently? No, it’s not that I can’t afford it. Just prescribe the medicine. I’ll go retrieve the money today.”

Vivian hung up the call and sighed.

After her mom’s health condition improved, she started to take imported medicine. Most of them were not covered by insurance, so Vivian was struggling to afford them.

However, as it concerned her mom’s life, she had no choice but to steel herself and call the Human Resource Department.

“I’m sorry, but I’ll need to collect my salary in advance.” Even Vivian felt embarrassed at her request. “But my mother… Okay, I understand. I’ll wait for your update.”

After hanging up the call, Vivian sighed again before heading to the dining room.

Finnick was eating porridge there. When he spotted Vivian, he asked calmly, “What’s wrong?”

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