Never Late, Never Away Chapter 381

“Yes, Vivian. I’ll always have your back.” Clenching her fist, Sarah uttered with determination.

Vivian was amused by Sarah’s serious expression and pulled her back to her seat.

“Oh, isn’t this Mrs. Norton?” Vivian heard Shannon say in a sarcastic tone as soon as she sat down.

When or how did I offend Shannon? Why is she always mocking and making fun of me when gossip arises?

Vivian ignored Shannon and pretended not to hear a single word.

“That’s incorrect. You’re still Mrs. Norton now, however, we don’t know what will happen after a while.” Seeing Vivian remained silent, Shannon continued to sneer arrogantly, “That’s true. Since his real lover has returned, there wouldn’t be any place for you anymore. I think that you have to give up your title of Mrs. Norton very soon.”

“What do you mean by that?” Vivian couldn’t hold back her anger anymore as she stood up and confronted Shannon.

After seeing Vivian becoming infuriated, Shannon continued to mock, “Tch, Vivian, you’re still dreaming. Finnick’s first love has returned and she is gorgeous as always, do you think Finnick would still want you?”

Sasha felt relief at the thought of Vivian being abandoned. What makes Vivian so special that she was able to hook up with the president of Finnor Group? Hmph, it’s about time for your downfall after so much time in the spotlight. Since Evelyn has returned, I don’t believe Finnick would still want you!

“You!” Despite her desire to retaliate, Vivian was not sure how she should respond. Her mind went back to what Benedict once told her in the hospital, talking about how a man’s first love would always have a special place in their heart.

After seeing that Vivian remained speechless, Shannon rolled her eyes and slowly went back to her seat.

“Some people are just too delusional after getting a short moment of recognition.”

“Pfft!” After hearing Shannon’s words, several colleagues couldn’t help but laugh out loud while they gloated and looked at Vivian. Even the few people who once supported Vivian looked at her with sympathy, as if they were sure that she would be abandoned by Finnick.

Vivian couldn’t endure the strange looks at work anymore, so she picked up her bag and left the office without greeting Fabian.

Since Vivian hadn’t seen her mother for a long time and she needed her comfort as well, she went to Rachel’s apartment after she left the magazine.

Within seconds of reaching the door, Vivian could hear Rachel’s laughter.

Mom seems very happy. A smile appeared on Vivian’s face. This is the first time I’m hearing her laugh so happily in a while, I wonder why.

As Vivian rang the doorbell, Rachel answered the door with a smile on her face.

“Mom, why are you so happy?” Vivian asked smilingly.

“It’s Vivian, quickly come in.” The moment Rachel saw it was Vivian, her expression changed as her smile slowly faded.

Having said that, Rachel opened the door and Vivian entered.

“What’s the matter, mom? Do you not welcome me?” Vivian was confused by Rachel’s expression and she asked jokingly after.

“Don’t say that, silly child.” Rachel gave Vivian a glare.

“Haha.” As Vivian saw the childlike expression on Rachel’s face, she laughed and walked towards the house with her arm around her shoulder. However, Vivian froze when she spotted the person sitting on the sofa.

Why is Evelyn here?

“Evelyn, you should know Vivian, right?” Rachel introduced Vivian to Evelyn, then she turned to look at Vivian and said, “Vivian, this is Evelyn, Benedict’s younger sister. You might have seen her before.”

Vivian smiled at Evelyn awkwardly while trying to figure out how to greet her in this situation.

Evelyn, however, reached out to Vivian and grabbed her arm. “Vivian and I have known each other for a long time, Ms. Rachel. You don’t need to introduce us.”

“Is that so? That’s good then, that’s good.” Rachel was also very happy to see Evelyn and Vivian so close. “Why not the both of you stay here for a meal today? I’ll go and cook now.”

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