Never Late, Never Away Chapter 383

Vivian scrambled for a suitable reply. How can I possibly admit that it bothers me?

“You passed out. Finnick carrying you to the hospital is perfectly understandable.”

“I’m glad that you think that way,” Evelyn said with a saccharine smile. “After all, Finnick is your husband. I wouldn’t want this incident to drive a wedge between you two.”

“You probably don’t know about this, but back in the elevator, Finnick was so worried about me that his face paled. I guess he was afraid that something bad would happen to me, which is why he picked me up and rushed me to the hospital as soon as the doors opened. He didn’t have the mind to care for your feelings then, so I hope that you don’t hold that against him.” Evelyn simpered and glanced at Vivian, trying to capture the slightest change in her expression. “Although Finnick still cares about me like he always did, we’re just friends. There’s no need to worry about me; I promise that I wouldn’t come between your relationship with him.”

On the surface, Evelyn appeared to be justifying Finnick’s actions the day before. However, relish seeped through her voice as she recounted the incident.

Although Evelyn stated that she had no intentions to pursue Finnick, Vivan could hear the other girl’s unspoken taunt. Finnick is mine. He is still in love with me, so you have no right to take him from me.

Vivian did not respond. I’ll have to keep an eye out for Evelyn in the future, but can I really prevent the inevitable by sheer willpower? Vivian felt like Finnick was slipping through her fingers.

“This is my stop. You can drop me off here.” Vivian had no idea where she was, but being in the same space as Evelyn was so suffocating that she needed to escape.

Evelyn, too, had no desire to spend time with Vivan and promptly sped away the moment Vivian exited the car.

Through the rearview mirror, Evelyn watched Vivian’s figure shrink in the distance. Her eyes gleamed with contempt and disdain. My jabs at her couldn’t have been more obvious, yet she didn’t even try to retaliate. What a spineless loser. I suppose it’s good for me — I can easily trample her beneath my feet.

The following day, Vivian received a call from Finnick’s grandfather out of the blue. He invited her to have a meal with him. Realizing that she had not seen the old man in a while, Vivian agreed without hesitation. She headed straight to the agreed location after work.

“Vivian, I’ve heard about everything that happened with Evelyn. How are you? Are you alright?” Mr. Norton cut to the chase as soon as they took their seats. He was worried that the incident would take an emotional toll on Vivian.

“I’m fine,” Vivian reassured him. Gratitude warmed her heart when she met Mr. Norton’s concerned gaze. At least grandpa genuinely cares about me. “Don’t worry about me, grandpa. I’m doing well, and I won’t make silly assumptions.”

However, Mr. Norton’s expression grew more troubled when he heard Vivian’s nonchalant reply. He opened his mouth to speak, but the words stuck in his throat.

Vivian realized by then that Mr. Norton did not ask to meet up just to console her. He had something important to tell her.

“Grandpa, is there something that you want to say? Does it have to do with Evelyn?” Vivian inquired solemnly.

“Yes,” Mr. Norton confirmed. Since Vivian had brought it up herself, there was no need to avoid it anymore. “It’s about the kidnapping incident ten years ago that you asked me to investigate. We’ve recently had a new break in the case.”

Vivian’s face took on a melancholic look at the mention of the kidnapping case that occurred ten years ago. “Grandpa, since Evelyn has returned and brought to light everything that happened ten years ago, there’s no need to continue the investigation. Thank you for all your effort thus far.”

Mr. Norton shook his head in dispute. “Evelyn’s explanation is plastered all over the news network, and I’ve read it as well. However, it does not correspond with what we’ve uncovered during the investigation.”

“What do you mean?” Vivian asked anxiously. She had never considered the fact that Evelyn’s story would differ from the investigation findings.

“I looked into the janitor who allegedly saved Evelyn, but sources said that they saw the janitor playing cards during the time of occurrence. He was nowhere near Evelyn.”

“Grandpa, are you implying that Evelyn lied?” Vivian felt like he had dropped a bomb on her. A wave of incredulity and confusion washed over her. “But why would she do that?”

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