Never Late, Never Away Chapter 384

“I can’t be sure too. We still don’t have a clear outline of what exactly went down that year. For now, all we have are fragments of information.” Mr. Norton could not make sense of the situation as well. “Vivian, I’ll be honest and tell you that I’ve never liked Evelyn. She has been manipulative and cunning since young. Do keep your guard up whenever you interact with her,” Mr. Norton cautioned.

“I understand, Grandpa,” Vivian replied earnestly.

Vivian mulled over the conversation as she walked home later. Based on Mr. Norton’s words, it was without doubt that Evelyn had fabricated a story. There had been dozens of discrepancies in her narrative when she first described the incident to the Morrisons.

But why would Evelyn lie about this? And if the janitor didn’t rescue her, how did she escape the fire?

Vivian’s mind exploded with questions as she tried her best to wrap her head around the situation, but her efforts were to no avail. Curiosity eventually got the better of her. She made a call to Evelyn and asked to meet up. Vivian wished to question her in person.

Evelyn breezily agreed to Vivian’s request, not giving it much thought.

“Let’s meet at the same café we went to on the shopping trip,” Vivian suggested. With that, she ended the call and headed to the venue.

There was no sign of Evelyn when Vivian arrived at the destination. Vivian ordered a coffee and sipped on it, savoring its aromatic bitterness as she recollected her frenzied thoughts.

Evelyn would never admit it if I asked her point-blank if she lied. How can I prove that she lied and convince her to tell the truth at the same time?

Then, murmurs rose around Vivian, jarring her out of her thoughts.

She lifted her head to scan her surroundings and noticed that everyone’s gazes were fixed in the same direction as they whispered amongst themselves, their eyes shining with amazement.

She followed their stares and noticed Evelyn approaching her.

Evelyn’s baby blue blouse was adorned with intricate embroidery, and her A-line leather skirt fell to her knees, adding to her classy appearance. However, the star of the outfit was a pair of white stilettos that elongated her slender legs.

Elegant, pure, and striking. Three wholly different characteristics blended harmoniously to create a picture of sophistication that was Evelyn. She exuded such allure that it took one’s breath away.

Vivian was in no mood to appreciate Evelyn’s beauty. Her mind was dominated by one thought, Why did Evelyn lie? Vivian was certain that Mr. Norton would never lie to her, so that left only one possibility — Evelyn had twisted the truth. What exactly happened that year?

“Vivian, why did you want to meet up with me?” Evelyn walked across the café and took a seat opposite Vivian. The men ogled at her with infatuation while the women’s eyes blazed with envy.

“No particular reason. I have some time to kill but no accomplice to do it with, so I contacted you.” Vivian bluffed. “I didn’t interrupt anything, did I?”

“No, I have time to spare as well,” Evelyn replied with a gracious smile before ordering a cappuccino.

“Evelyn, do you remember what the janitor who saved you looks like?” Vivian tried to act casual as she struck up a conversation.

Alarm bells rang in Evelyn’s head when Vivian brought up the event that happened that fateful year. “Why the sudden interest?” she countered with another question.

“Oh, nothing. Your brother told me that he wants to repay the person who rescued you but could not find the janitor.” Vivian’s mind raced to come up with a passable excuse.

“He asked me for help since I’m working at a magazine company. Unfortunately, we have no leads at all, and I don’t know where to start. That’s why I resort to asking you directly. It would really speed things up if you could describe his appearance.”

“Is that so?” Evelyn contemplated Vivian’s words. “Why have I never heard of this?”

“He probably hasn’t found a good time to tell you,” Vivian gave her an ambiguous answer and glossed over Evelyn’s question to avoid more suspicion. “Why don’t you start with describing the janitor’s looks or any unique characteristics? I’ll talk to the senior editor and try to put out an advertisement stating that we’re looking for this man. Who knows, it might just work!”

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