Never Late, Never Away Chapter 385

As soon as she finished her piece, Vivian scrutinized Evelyn’s face for the slightest shift in her expression. If what Evelyn told the Morrisons was true, then she would definitely remember the janitor’s appearance.

After all, according to Evelyn, she had suffered from amnesia after the accident. If so, the face of the first person she had seen upon waking up should be etched in her brain, especially since he was her savior.

“I don’t know too,” Evelyn confessed, her eyes flickering with an unfathomable emotion. There was a slight tremor in her voice when she spoke. “The person had already left when I came to. It was the nurse who told me that a janitor had brought me to the hospital.”

“I distinctly remember you telling the Morrisons that you saw the janitor the moment you woke up. Why are you contradicting yourself now?” Vivian caught the inconsistency in Evelyn’s tale and clung to it like a dog with a bone.

“Did I? I said that?” Evelyn could barely keep her calm facade. Anxiety rose within her. “You must have misheard me. I’m sure that I never mentioned meeting that janitor.”

“In that case, how did you know that he untied you and Finnick? You also said that he dragged you out of the burning building first but couldn’t go back to save Finnick because the fire grew too big. How did you know all of the details? Surely, the janitor told you everything.” At this point, Vivian was almost positive that everything Evelyn had told them was no more than an elaborate concoction.

“I-I initially…” Evelyn stuttered, rendered speechless by Vivian’s merciless bombardment. She eventually collected herself and snapped at Vivian, “What is it that you want, Vivian?”

“Evelyn, you’re a liar,” Vivian announced with conviction. “You were not rescued by a janitor that year. Be honest and tell me right now what exactly happened that year! How did you escape?” Infuriated, Vivian’s voice went up quite a few decibels.

“You’re right. I lied.” Evelyn decided to come clean. Vivian had seen through her deception, so there was no need to keep up the pretense anymore. “I escaped on my own,” she confessed.

Although Vivian had an inkling of what happened, hearing the truth out loud still felt like a blow to her stomach. She was overwhelmed by anguish for Finnick. “Since you were conscious, why didn’t you wake Finnick up? Why did you leave alone? Did you want to see him burn alive in the fire?” Vivian shrieked, losing her composure.

“That’s none of your business,” Evelyn said curtly as she stood up and took her bag to leave. Vivian’s outburst had caused quite the commotion, and the people around them were staring unabashedly in their direction.

“Stand right where you are!” Vivian grabbed Evelyn’s wrist. “You can’t leave until you tell me everything that happened that year.”

Evelyn flung Vivian’s hand away and snapped, “Are you done? Stop this nonsense! What does that incident have to do with you? I’m warning you — stay out of this matter, or you’ll get into deep trouble.”

Vivian quivered with rage when she realized that Evelyn did not feel even a hint of remorse for what she had done. On the contrary, the liar had the audacity to threaten her! “I’ll tell Finnick everything. I’d love to see you try to mend things with him!”

Evelyn burst into a fit of manic laughter when she heard Vivian’s words. “Oh, Vivian. Are you threatening me? Go ahead and tell Finnick everything. We’ll see who he believes — you or me,” she taunted.

Their dispute had attracted the attention of many. Upon noticing this, Evelyn sat back down instead of leaving and smirked at Vivian.

“Vivian, are you really so naive to think that Finnick actually likes you? Take a look in the mirror and think again. Do you know what we did when we were stuck in the elevator for 3 hours?” Evelyn gave Vivian a suggestive look. “Finnick told me that he’s still in love with me. As for you, he’ll divorce you sooner or later. I’m telling you, Vivian William, Finnick is mine, and I will get him back! Do you actually think that you’re a match for me?” Evelyn’s goading words were akin to a declaration of war.

“Don’t you dare, Evelyn!” Enraged, Vivian slammed her hand onto the table. “Do you think that I’d actually believe your claims? I—”

Before Vivian could finish her sentence, Evelyn tilted her chair backward and toppled to the floor. Perhaps it was unintentional, but as she fell, the tip of her foot caught a table leg. The table tipped over from the momentum, and the coffee mugs crashed to the floor, shattering into pieces.

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