Never Late, Never Away Chapter 386

As Evelyn fell, her face grazed over glass shards on the ground. Instantly, blood raced furiously down her face.

Vivian froze at the sight. She never expected to cause Evelyn’s fall by simply slamming the table.

Before Vivian could react, Evelyn let out a blood-curdling shriek. “M-my face!”

Evelyn’s trembling fingers tapped at the bloody wound on her face. She aimed at finger at Evelyn in anger. “Look what you have done to my face! Vivian, you are a vicious snake! Why did you ruin my face!”

Evelyn’s tears rushed down like rivers, washing away the bloodstains on her delicate face. This scene was enough to cause great distress for anyone watching. Many passers-by approached to help Evelyn, some even hurriedly phone hospitals for medical assistance.

They had been drawn to Evelyn when she first arrived. Everyone was dazed by her noble aura and exquisite appearance. After all, such beauty was a feast for the eyes regardless of where they went.

However, the gorgeous belle was covered in coffee stains and had a cut on her face. She lay awkwardly on the ground, with coffee stains on her clothes and a cut on her face. Seeing this, an urge to rescue the damsel in distress burst in everyone’s hearts. In their eyes, Vivian looked more ruthless than the evil queen who gave Snow White a poisoned apple.

“Hey, what’s your problem? Just take it easy. There’s no need to resort to such a foul measure,” a man shouted at Vivian.

As soon as he finished, others began hounding at her, “That’s right! Ruining someone’s face is a nasty move, I bet you’re jealous of her good looks. I guess hell hath no fury like a jealous woman.”

“That’s not entirely true! Not all women are as vile as her,” a woman said. The woman stepped forward and shoved Vivian, causing her to stagger and fall back to the ground. This time, no one rushed to help her. Instead, they glared at her with a look that said she deserved it.

“Your actions have embarrassed all women,” the woman continued. She glared condescendingly at Vivian who was on the ground with a righteous look. Then, she spat, “Your parents gave you your looks. Even if you think you’re ugly, that doesn’t give you the right to bring others down with you. Clearly, not only are you plain-looking compared to this lady, but you also have an ugly heart.”

“Well-said,” the man who had shouted earlier agreed. He spoke feeling a little bad, “I apologize for the rash words I said earlier. To all the ladies present, please do not be offended by my rude words.”

“That’s alright, your words rang true for that vile woman.”

“Yes, we all know that they weren’t intentionally aimed at us.”

“But this woman’s actions are unforgivable…”

Murmurs of agreement spread around the passers-by. Shockingly, everyone pointed the finger at Vivian.

Struggling to get off the ground, Vivian noticed that her palm had scraped against the gravel earlier. She could see the wounds on both her palms which were covered in multiple cuts.

Not paying more attention to her wounds, Vivian frantically explained to the people around her, “I didn’t push her. It’s not what you think…”

“We saw what you did with our own eyes. You have some nerve to weasel your way out!”

“Yeah! Do you think we’re blind? We all saw you pushing the lady.”

“So what you’re saying is, the lady fell on her own fall and cut her face too? Pish-tush! At least try to cover up your tracks better, if you’re going to lie.”

“You obviously did it, why don’t you just admit your actions?”

It was painstakingly obvious that no one believed Vivian.

Everyone surrounded Evelyn, guarding her well. It was as if they were afraid Vivian would attack her at any second. Seeing this, Vivian couldn’t find it in her to argue anymore.

“The ambulance is here!” Before another round of judgment started, the blaring of an ambulance sounded from afar.

No longer bothered by Vivian, everyone carefully assisted Evelyn onto the ambulance.

There and then, Vivian knew that it was pointless to explain the whole story. Noticing that Evelyn was in fact, seriously injured, Vivian joined the crowd in hopes of sending her to the hospital safely.

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