Never Late, Never Away Chapter 387

“What do you think you’re doing!” Someone shoved Vivian away as soon as she approached the ambulance. The person continued, “What? Haven’t you done enough damage? Are you going to attack her at the hospital too?”

“I’m not… I just wanted to make sure she’s okay,” Vivian felt she had been wronged. Evelyn got injured but that doesn’t mean I hurt her intentionally.

“Who are you trying to fool? Someone like you should be turned in to the authorities.” The person stepped in front of Vivian as if he were about to grab her.

But the ambulance had already driven away. Vivian didn’t bother explaining, she wasted no time in hailing a taxi and rushed off to the hospital.

She needed to know what exactly happened back then as this was something about Finnick’s safety. She needed to put the pieces together. Moreover, she felt that Evelyn had planned the accident earlier. An unjust feeling churned in Vivian, she needed to prove her innocence.

When Vivian arrived at the hospital, she was shocked to see that Benedict and Finnick had also shown up.

“Finnick!” Vivian felt a wave of relief and immediately told him about what Mr. Norton had discovered. “When I met with Evelyn today, she admitted that she wasn’t saved by a janitor back then. She said that she had escaped the fire all by herself.”

Vivian scrambled and told Finnick everything she had discovered. But there was one thing that boggled her—if Evelyn could escape on her own, why didn’t she save Finnick? Finnick was a smart man. She believed that if anyone were to figure it out, it would be him.

But Finnick’s face had darkened from the moment he saw Vivian. And as he listened to her recent discoveries, his expression thundered into a storm.

“If Evelyn left on her own back then, why did she disappear all these years?” Finnick stared at Vivian and asked, “Then, how did the rope on my body get untie?”

“I haven’t looked into that yet.” For a second, Vivian worried that Finnick might not believe her. “But Evelyn admitted it herself…”

“That’s enough!” Finnick interrupted her impatiently.

“Finnick… what’s wrong?” Sensing his indifference, Vivian was at a loss for what to do. She asked cautiously, “Why the tone?”

Finnick eyed her disappointedly. He pulled out his phone, unlocked it, and clicked on a video before showing it to her. “Look for yourself.”

Vivian was gobsmacked at the video’s contents.

The video showed the details of what happened between Vivian and Evelyn this afternoon at the café.

Vivian looked furious; she bared her teeth and it looked like she was snarling. Opposite her, Evelyn looked calm, as if she were the victim. Eventually, Vivian slammed the table, causing the coffee cup to spill and shatter on the ground. Then, Evelyn fell too and scraped herself on the shards from the cups.

Though the video was taken from a distance and had no audio, it clearly captured what happened between the two women. Only the last scene where Evelyn got injured was blurred. Though, it really seemed as if she had pushed Evelyn, injuring her on purpose.

It appeared that someone in the café recognized her and Evelyn. They probably recorded this video and posted it online in hopes of creating gossip.

“Finnick, listen to me. That was not what happened,” Vivian urged. The words rushed out of her mouth. “I didn’t push her; she fell on her own.”

“Do you really think I’ll believe what you say?” Finnick said in a low growl. His brows furrowed in disappointment, not expecting that Vivian would deny the obvious truth. “Do you really hate Evelyn that much that you not only injure her but also spread lies to defame her?

“So you think that I’m framing her,” Vivian said. She couldn’t believe what she had heard. Taking two steps backward, she distanced herself from Finnick, realizing the sadness and shock that clouded in his eyes.

She had always believed that Finnick trusted her completely, that was why she told him everything that Mr. Norton had shared with her.

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