Never Late, Never Away Chapter 388

Vivian understood why it was so hard for Finnick to believe that Evelyn had escaped on her own. After all, Vivian didn’t even believe it herself until Evelyn confessed to doing it. The whole situation did not make sense.

But Vivian didn’t expect that Finnick would believe those online rumors and even blame her for Evelyn’s injury. That’s what he thinks of me? Vivian’s heart hardened. Am I just a snake to him? Does he really think I would physically harm a woman out of jealousy?

“So you believe those online rumors? You think I hurt Evelyn on purpose?” Vivian’s chin trembled as her eyes reddened.

Finnick said nothing. But Vivian understood what his silence meant—he didn’t believe her at all.

She no longer had the will to do further explanation. Vivian scoffed; her shoulders slumped as she turned to walk away.

Just as she turned, tears came streaming down. Vivian felt the injustice and the white-hot anger steaming in her.

What does the kidnapping case from ten years ago have to do with me? She didn’t have to be involved at all. But she kept chasing that case because of Finnick, because she cared for him… That’s why she interrogated Evelyn. Look where that got me. Forget about the rumors, how could Finnick not believe me? Vivian felt that everything she had done for him suddenly became meaningless.

Before Vivian could leave, Finnick reached out and grabbed her arm. He turned her around and realized that her face had been covered in tears.

Vivian’s swollen eyes looked away stubbornly, she didn’t want to look at him. This stirred a distressing emotion in Finnick.

“Vivian, I’m not saying that you hurt Evelyn on purpose. I just think that you’ve been acting strangely these days. Is it because of Evelyn?” His tone was gentler than before. “There is nothing between me and Evelyn. You don’t have to care so much about her, you’re not being yourself anymore.”

“I’m not being myself?” Vivian flung away from his grasp. Her eyes met his. She mocked, “So what does my current self look like to you? A vicious woman? Or a jealous wife?”

“Vivian!” Finnick stepped closer to regain hold of her arm. He spoke with a voice that almost growled at her, “Do you have to fight me on this? You know that’s not what I meant. Please, just stop being unreasonable.”

“Am I being unreasonable?” Vivian wasn’t sure if she should laugh or cry at his cruel words. So he really thinks that it’s my fault?

“Enough, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.” Vivian needed to calm herself. She broke away from his grip and headed for the doors. Without so much as a glance, she said, “I want to be left alone.”

This time, Finnick stood still as she left. He knew that running after her would only make things worse. And he really didn’t want to argue with Vivian anymore.

Just as she stepped outside the hospital, Vivian saw her mother rushing towards her.

“Mom, what are you doing here?” Confused, Vivian hurriedly approached Rachel.


As soon as she got near Rachel, she was slapped across her face. Vivian froze wide-eyed for some time.

She was lost until the fiery sting nipped across her face. Soothing her cheek with a hand, Vivian looked at Rachel in disbelief. She cried out, “Mom! What are you doing!”

Rachel was visibly in shock too. Her hand still trembled from slapping her daughter as she cried out louder, “What am I doing? I should ask you. How could you injure Evelyn’s face out of jealousy!”

Only then did Vivian realize that Rachel was here to check up on Evelyn, not her. Rachel even slapped her because of Evelyn’s injury without checking the whole situation.

Vivian’s heart wrenched. Am I not her daughter? Shouldn’t she be worried about the situation I am in? How could she jump to conclusion and slap me?

“Mom, I didn’t hurt Evelyn. You have to believe me! What happened at the café…” Vivian clambered to tell Rachel the truth about what happened.

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