Never Late, Never Away Chapter 389

“How could you still lie. I saw the videos online, I saw you push Evelyn with my eyes.” Rachel completely refused Vivian’s explanation. She dragged Vivian towards the hospital doors, saying, “You and I are going in there and you’re going to apologize to Evelyn! You will do so until she forgives you!”

“I won’t. I didn’t do anything wrong!” Vivian’s feet stood firmly. There was no way she was going to apologize to Evelyn.

“Why must you insist on pissing me off—” Rachel coughed and wheezed harder as she yanked on Vivian’s arm. “You will apologize to Evelyn today, no matter what!”

Seeing how Rachel was coughing badly, Vivian softened her stance, no longer resisting. She allowed her mother to drag her into Evelyn’s ward.

There, Benedict and Finnick watched over Evelyn who had her face wrapped in bandages and was lying on the hospital bed and resting.

As Rachel dragged Vivian into the room, Evelyn immediately sat upright. She asked, “Ms. Rachel, what are you doing here?”

“No, no. Don’t strain yourself!” Rachel rushed to support Evelyn, gently laying her down again. Upon looking at Evelyn’s heavily bandaged face, Rachel felt so sorry for her. “How are you feeling? Does it hurt?”

“I’m alright, Ms. Rachel.” Evelyn placed a hand on Rachel’s, saying, “It doesn’t hurt. Don’t worry about it.”

“How can it not hurt?” Tears rolled down Rachel’s face. “I’m so sorry Evelyn. This is all Vivian’s fault. I’ve already reprimanded her, so please don’t hold anything against her. She’s going to apologize now,” Rachel continued.

Rachel turned and barked at Vivian, “Hurry up and apologize to Evelyn!”

“Mom!” Seeing her own mother defended Evelyn, bitterness tightened in her chest. It made Vivian shout, “I didn’t push her! Her injury has nothing to do with me. Why don’t you believe me?”

“You’re not admitting your fault. Y-you…” Rachel pointed a trembling finger at Vivian. She was furious and choked on her breath.

“Ms. Rachel, don’t work yourself up.” Evelyn reached out to stroke Rachel’s back. “I’m sure Vivian didn’t do it on purpose. Maybe she just felt nervous that Finnick and I are close, so she couldn’t control herself.”

Evelyn’s face had morphed itself extremely well. It flashed a convincingly sincere expression as she said, “Vivian. That last time, my condition was worrying. That’s why Finnick carried me to the hospital. Please don’t get the wrong idea. I’m only visiting for old times’ sake, and I won’t get between your relationship with Finnick.”

“Drop the pitiful act, Evelyn!” Vivian was furious. It was obvious that Evelyn was playing the victim. She slyly made herself the bigger person whilst hinting that Vivian was a jealous, scheming woman. Fiery anger throbbed in Vivian’s vision.

“You knew clearly what happened today. And you and I both knew how you got that wound on your face. So why the act? Are you afraid to admit what you told me earlier on how you escaped the fire on your own?” Vivian challenged.


Rachel’s anger sizzled as she slapped her daughter. “If you don’t want to apologize, then fine. But how can you slander her like this? Is this how I raised you?”

After being slapped twice by her mother, Vivian’s sorrow split her open. “Mom. Am I even your daughter… Maybe you should make Evelyn your daughter!”

After snarling those words, Vivian ran out of the room like a wild animal, raging and uncontrolled.

She kept running until she made it to the end of the corridor. There, she stopped. Her lungs exploded, clawing at her insides for air. Vivian slumped onto the ground. She leaned against the wall for support and buried her head deep into her knees, muffling her frustrated cries. Her muffled cries went on and on until her throat was raw.

It was painstakingly clear that Evelyn was framing her. But both her mother and husband, the two people she was closest to and trusted wholeheartedly weren’t willing to believe her.

They took Evelyn’s word for it and accused Vivian of being the vicious woman. Even Rachel, who had never once hit Vivian, took it upon herself to slap Vivian twice because of Evelyn’s lies.

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